Important Information About Various Types of Termite Treatment Control Techniques

Important Information About Various Types of Termite Treatment Control Techniques
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    As a homeowner, everyone wants to keep the place neat, hygienic and pest free.

    But one of the most disturbing things that a homeowner might face is termites.


People start feeling helpless when they find their favorite furniture or wooden window being infested by termites. Fortunately, you can find numerous termite control services companies that provide quality termite treatment services. These companies not only offer termite control services for all types of termite infestation but also several types of treatments for termite control. And most of these treatment controls are quite affordable.

Types of termites

Termites are very easy to be recognized. The positions and shapes of the wings of normal ants are quite different than of termites. The front wings are quite longer than the wings at hind side in an ant but in termites the wings are of equal sizes. These termites are again categorized into a lot of varieties, and some of them are:

  • Subterranean termites:
    These are most common types of termites.
  • Drywood termites:
    These are quite small in sizes.
  • Formosan Termites:
    These types of termites are also known as invasive termites.

Know about the various termite controlling treatments

There are various types of termite treatment processes offered by the reputed companies. The most popular ones are discussed below.

  • There are some termite control processes which do not involve application of chemicals. One of those processes is building physical barriers, but this is only possible if you take preventive action at the time of construction itself. Even if you do not take necessary steps of termite control at the time of construction, you can still get chances for building physical barriers using sand and steel mesh. Using fungi and nematodes can also give you relief to control termites without using chemicals.
  • Using chemical based termite treatment process is probably the most commonly practiced methods. But you should always keep in mind that termite controlling chemicals should have the approval for usage from governing bodies. These chemicals need to be safe and should not pose threats for human health.

    The termiticides should be applied only by the trained pest control agents. Some of the popular chemical based treatments are wood treatments, termite baits, liquid based termiticides etc.

  • Another widely used chemical based termite control process is to apply barrier treatments. This needs to be used very carefully because it might contaminate the drinking water of the surroundings and most importantly improper usage will not fetch people the desired results. The traditional termiticides contain cypermethrin, chlorfenapyr, acetamiprid, fipronil etc.
  • Increased awareness against the usage of chemical based termiticides have made popular various termite baits procedures. This technique does not have any impact on human health or environment. These are actually dependent on cellulose baits.
  • Wood treatments have also become quite popular. These treatments require the experts to spray termiticides on the wooden furniture or framework.

What factors to consider while availing termite control services?

While choosing your termite controlling agency, you should always keep in mind the following things:

  • Your service provider should hold a valid license from a Government approved authority.
  • Whosoever applies the termiticides, he or she should read the label on the pack of termiticide properly. These labels offer you a detailed direction for the usage of the same.
  • Get complete information on how long to wait before getting back to work or residence.
  • The termite control service providers will let you know on when to get back to the work or enter the house.

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