5 Tips on How to Remodel a Recreation Room

5 Tips on How to Remodel a Recreation Room
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    To create the ideal home recreation room, the homeowner must clear out unnecessary clutter, create a budget, create separate areas in the room for separate activities, paint these separate areas different colors, and for the finishing touches add the ideal wall decor and lighting options.


A recreation room provides a home with an area dedicated for fun. The homeowner can use it for game nights with family members or friends. It could also be a place for children to get entertained without having to destroy the entire house.

Below are ideas on how to turn a home into an entertainment center. These 5 tips will help a homeowner create the ideal place for unwinding with friends and family.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Prior to making any changes to the recreation room, giving away or throwing out any unwanted items is recommended. Any unused items in a room can be a distraction to fun activities while also consuming a lot of space. Planning and executing a makeover in the room will be much easier if all the clutter has been removed.

2. Come Up With a Plan

A homeowner needs a plan before he or she can put remodeling ideas into action. It is important to first set up a budget before starting. Remodeling a recreation room often involves addition of accessories such as poker tables, pool tables or table tennis tables.

With the budget figured out, the next step involves deciding the type of fun activities that will take place there. The homeowner should then measure the room’s size in order to find out the exact amount of space to work with. He or she can then decide the type of décor and furnishings to add.

3. Designate Zones for Various Activities

As soon as there is a good remodeling plan in place, the homeowner can then think of how put the recreation room together. Designating different areas for different activities is recommended. This is particularly the case if the room is large and spacious. One can think of including separate zones for exercise, television watching and crafts.

4. Paint Walls

Painting the walls is a crucial part of a recreation room makeover. Different areas should be painted using different colors. For example, a dark part of the room can be perked up using light stimulating colors, using various shades for different activity zones.

Separate trays can be used for different paint colors, while all brushes and rollers should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the colors from mixing. A jumbled mess can be avoided by going for only two or three colors.

5. Be Creative

A fun and interesting recreation room can be created using the ideal wall décor and different lighting options. The homeowner does not necessarily have to match the décor styles used in other rooms in the home. This is because recreation rooms have their own unique style or theme. It is also an ideal place for displaying collectible items.

Everyone would love an interesting recreation room that is fun to be inside. A homeowner can achieve this by applying the above 5 tips. It would also be a good idea to share the tips on social networking websites for other homeowners to benefit.



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