This Is All You Need to Make a Perfect Gaming Room

This Is All You Need to Make a Perfect Gaming Room
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    As a gamer, having a room designated for your passion is the ultimate dream and goal when it comes to house arrangements.

    The room should be your tower of solitude, as well as a perfect playroom for when you decide to accept company into your kingdom.


Since you take the room personally, I am sure that you already have some of your ideas, but here is a checklist which can get you going without missing out on any essentials.

Start with basic redecorating

Regardless of the size of the room, you are turning into your gaming paradise, you need to create the right mood. If you find fitting an extra room challenging, you could repurpose one of the smaller areas such as a walk-in closet or a pantry if you must.

The reason why these rooms may be good is the absence of windows. If however, you have a regular room with windows, make sure you dress them up.

Get thick blinds and double them up with a thick dark curtain. This will give you the ultimate control over the amount of daylight in the room. Paint the walls a dark color. You could go for dark or indigo blue with deep violet for nooks and ceiling. You could also decide to go with black and use dark red or orange accents. The colors should be semi-glossy to reflect just the right amount of light.

Add some light

You have probably gathered my attitude on lights from the description of windows. Use the same principle for light fixture you install. Keep the light away from the center of the room and in the areas, you will need it the most. Using dimmer light switches could also work very well and remote control lighting will provide the full comfort. Also, it could allow you to make the room completely dark while playing games and switch the lights on so you do not trip when you stand up from your chair.

Setting up the station

The station should consist of a table and the best chair you can find. Using something as laid back and comfortable as a recliner or a bean bag could help you fully relax. Mounting your displays on a wall and setting up your consoles and the computer tower on a small table below could be a good idea. However, as you will probably have a lot of equipment in the room, you will need a place to put it all away.

This is why having a desk with drawers or some additional shelves may be a good idea. If you are planning on having friends over, perhaps you should have several bean bags available and a chair easy to move so you can make room for them and for those games which require you to stand up. Once everything is done, make sure you tie up and conceal the wires neatly to avoid nuisance and tripping hazard.

Sound and visuals

You have three alternatives when it comes to the choice of a display. You can go with computer monitors, TV screens or projectors. The projector may be the most stimulating alternative as you can adjust the size. The TV screen should not be under 55 inches. When it comes to monitors, you could use a set of three so you have your peripheral vision covered as well.

The sound system is one of the elements which make the whole experience genuine so splurge on your sound system. If you can get yourself a 9.1 channel, that would be a perfection, if not, try to get at least 5.1. With the powerful sound, you also need to worry about soundproofing. This will protect the others from your noise. Insulating foam is an excellent DIY help for this, as well as adding some upholstery to the room, including a carpet, thick curtains and some wall art. This will also prevent echo in the room and improve the overall sound.


Even though they do not appear so, computers can be very sensitive. This is why you should have optimal humidity levels in the room, as well as, functional ventilation and heating and cooling system in place. A split AC could help you maintain the room temperature and air quality independently from the rest of the house. It could stop the room from overheating and filter the air to make up for the closed windows.

Let the games begin

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It is completely up to you to decide which consoles you are going to use or the computer configuration you are going to obtain. It may be a good idea to get something which will also be functional for your everyday tasks when you are not playing.

One thing you need to ensure is that your connectivity is at its maximum so an advice to you is to get a gaming wireless router which will keep your connection steady.

Now that you know the required elements, manipulate them to best suit your specific needs. Perhaps, you do not like the suggested color choices or you consider ergonomics when choosing the right posture to play games, rather than the laid-back comfort suggested. Perhaps you have a limited budget and would rather invest in equipment than a desk, paint etc. In that case, look for DIY solutions, there are a lot of things you can do on your own and save.

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