Bring the Jazz Age into Your Home with Art Deco Furniture

Bring the Jazz Age into Your Home with Art Deco Furniture
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    Widely considered one of the classiest eras of American history, the Art Deco period was known for its exaltation of progress and luxury.

    Even nearly 100 years later, the art from this period, which ran roughly from 1920 to 1945, evokes a feeling of richness.


The design features that started in this period still echo down into how we decorate our homes today.

An Art Deco-themed room is perfect if you have space for a cocktail lounge. Cocktails were known before this era but they boomed in popularity during this time. This was the age of Prohibition after all!

The Key Piece of Furniture is the Cocktail Bar

The different designs for cocktail bars during this era are huge. It was a brand-new piece of furniture that needed to hold new types of equipment. Your best bet is to start with going to an Art Deco antique dealer and look at the types available. Your classic look will be black lacquer with lots of chrome highlights, exotic woods in the interior, and perhaps a mirror.

The cocktail bar will serve as the centerpiece for the rest of the design. Art Deco design rests heavily on symmetry. Place the bar in the center of a long wall and put a piece of art over it. The art piece should be bold and eye-catching. Then use matching elements like wall sconces on either side.

Something Else for the Cocktail Room

Neon lights were considered a new innovation of the era, if you can find some (and no, your Bud Lite signs won’t count. Google around for some examples.) If you go with traditional lights for your sconces, make sure they’re covered with an Art Deco-appropriate sconce. Look for bold layered geometric shapes combined with smooth curves. Most pieces will be made of white frosted glass and either brass or chrome.

Your cocktail room shouldn’t be a place with a television. It wasn’t around yet! And there certainly should be no computers. Instead, you could put in a pool table or game table along with several lounge chairs. Art Deco chairs have a lot of variation. It was a time for experimenting with the new promises of mass automation combined with luxury materials made available by advances in transportation. However, they’re not going to have a lot of mechanics in them. No recliners here! At best, you’ll find swivel chairs.

Are You Enjoying This Piece?



Get the right chairs to match your setup

Finding matching chairs from the era may be difficult, so you may need to do some research to find pieces that look like they’re from the period. The common color for upholstery was shades of white to contrast with black lacquer and/or dark exotic woods. Black and white may sound boring, but it was highly fashionable at the time. It’s not surprising that zebra-print upholstery also became popular at this time.

To complete the effect, you may want to install an old radio on a side table. It could be an actual antique or a facade for a modern MP3 player. Pipe in some jazz tunes and you’ll have a wonderful room for entertaining your guests.

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