6 Simple Steps to Painting a Room

6 Simple Steps to Painting a Room
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    Painting a room is one of the simplest things you can do to breathe new life into a space.

    It’s usually inexpensive for what you’re accomplishing, and it’s simple enough that any DIYer can tackle the task.


As long as you’re approaching it methodically, everything is going to turn out great.

1. Wash the Whole Room

First, get all of the furniture out of the way and the pictures off the walls. Once you’re done with that, it’s time to get scrubbing. You’ll want to remove any dust or smudges on the wall, and you may not even realize that it’s there. Using a large sponge and some soapy water, start with the ceiling. It’s important to handle the ceiling first, so any falling dust won’t dirty up anything you’ve already washed. When the ceiling is complete, work from the top of the wall down to the baseboard.

2. Outline Your Canvas

Using painter’s tape, cover your trim. Take care to put your focus on tricky areas, such as the part of the doorframe that meets the wall. Make sure to protect the areas around your window, including the sill. At this time, it’s best to remove outlet covers and switch plates. You may feel tempted to tape over them, but resist the urge. If you need to replace the plates later, any difference in size can potentially reveal the color underneath. When you’re done taping, lay a drop cloth to protect your floor.

3. Prime

You may not feel that priming is necessary, but it’s an important step. A wall that’s already be painted won’t be as quick to accept new paint, especially if you’re switching finishes. The primer will help block the previous color from showing through, and give the new paint an ideal surface to stick to. Priming may even help you stretch your paint farther. If you have any holes you want to fill in with spackle, do this before the priming process.

4. Get the Tight Spaces

Your roller won’t be able to get into the small areas around where you’ve placed your painter’s tape, or the corners of your walls. Using a small angled brush, paint near any baseboards or molding, around your windowsill, and the places where walls touch or meet the ceiling. You should be creating something that resembles a frame around the area you’re going to use your roller.

5. Start Rolling

The best way to start rolling is by pressing the paint on in a large “W” shape. In a three foot by three foot area, roll a large “W”, and fill in the rest of the space without lifting your roller. This will help you get an even coat that’s free from roller marks, and some slight overlapping will allow you to link your “W”s together. Doing one wall at a time is the best strategic move, because everything will dry evenly.

As you finish each area, remove the painter’s tape. Waiting for the paint to dry can cause the tape to take some paint with it. You’ll avoid the need for touch ups by removing it immediately.

6. Paint Your Trim

Once the walls have completely dried, it’s time to tackle the trim. Place painter’s tape along the top of the trip to prevent any accidents on your newly painted walls. Paint your trim with a two inch brush to complete the finishing touches.

Once the trim is dry, it’s time to start moving the furniture in. Arrange, decorate, and enjoy your new space.

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