Finding Storage Space in a Small Home

Finding Storage Space in a Small Home
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    Finding more storage space in a small home is not impossible. There are many things you can do including:

    • use your furniture as storage (box bed, etc)
    • raise your cabinets to the ceiling
    • make full use of your outside space
    • use your storage items (boxes, etc) as unique furniture
    • use hooks to hang on the wall in your kitchen in order to store things like condiments
    • most importantly, keep small and large items separated in different drawers


If you have a home, you need to store stuff too. The issue comes when you have a small home. But you still have those woollens, old toys, books and so many knick-knacks to keep. Now this can be an issue in a small house, but you can always make use of certain tips and create space to keep all those things and make your house look neat.

Use furniture as storage space.

All of us know about box beds. Now you can have box tables too. In addition, your sofa can have storage space too. Basically, all your furniture can have storage space in it.

Take your cabinets up to the ceiling.

Make use of your vertical space. Take your cabinets right up to the roof. Use these to store the stuff you don’t need very often. Have these in the kitchen, bedrooms and even the lobby.

Make use of outside space.

If you have a garden or a porch, you can create storage space here too. Get benches made of stone in the garden. You can store old pots, and other stuff beneath them. Get wicker furniture for the porch. Have storage in-built in them. Your staircase makes for a beautiful storage space. Have drawers built below each step. Use these to store a number of your articles. There cannot be a more efficient use of this space.

Use your storage space as furniture.

All your packing boxes and other storage items can be used as unique furniture items. You can get these painted in vibrant colors. Or else you can wrap these in old, colorful bed sheets and table cloths. Now use these as coffee tables or even as seating spaces.

Storage in the kitchen.

The market is full of storage ideas for the kitchen. In case your kitchen is too small, make use of the kitchen walls. Buy small containers that you can hang on the walls. Use these to store various spices and condiments. Hang your pots and pans on these walls.

You need to put a number of hooks on the walls in order to do so. Make sure that they are strong and gel well with the décor of your kitchen. Buy only the amount that you need. Opt for weekly grocery shopping rather than a monthly one. Have stackable boxes as they occupy less space. In case your kitchen is big enough, use it to store books, clothes and other items.

Space for small items.

Have small drawers where you can keep pins, buttons, pens, stamps, cards and so on. This way you would be able to find these as and when you need them.

This way you can have space where there is none. You need separate space for big items and small items.

Do not try to mix these up.

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