How to Remodel Your Kitchen and Dining Room

How to Remodel Your Kitchen and Dining Room
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    There are smart ways you can make a small kitchen bigger and make a bigger kitchen smaller to find that happy medium.

    When you have guests however, you will have to adjust things.


Either it is too big or too small.

A big kitchen means that you get tired just walking around in it. A small kitchen makes it difficult to keep all stuff in it, and cook too.

A small dining makes it difficult to sit and enjoy your meal here. A large kitchen and dining means wastage of space as people hardly spend much time eating here.

So how do you get that perfect balance?

Make your small kitchen bigger.

If your kitchen and dining is too small, try to break the wall between the lobby and kitchen. Or else have a small wall in between. This will allow you to keep some kitchen appliances there and make some kitchen space free.

Shift your dishwasher, mixer and other appliances there. In fact, you can even have a small shelf built between the kitchen and lobby to act as your dining space.

Keep your larder in a separate area. Make your larder under the stairs. Or you may even borrow a closet in some other area of your home. Keep all your extra groceries and spare pots and pans there.

Basically you need to create space where there is none.

Make your kitchen and dining smaller.

If you have a huge kitchen space, try and have a bigger dining space. Or else you can decorate your kitchen with some potted plants. Put up big, attractive pictures in your kitchen. Bring out your fancy crockery and display it around.

In fact, you can even place some extra pieces of furniture in your kitchen. Place a TV there. You can even place your cookbooks here along with a couch.

This way your kitchen and dining becomes much more than a cooking and eating area.

Kitchen and dining space for guests.

No matter how big or small your kitchen and dining is, you need to make some changes when you have guests. In case you have just one or two guests, some additional chairs will suffice.

But in case you have more guests, you have to change the complete arrangement. There is no way you can have a sit-down meal in your kitchen and dining. So opt for a buffet. Keep all the extra utensils and groceries away. You have to create space as you need to cook more, seat more and serve more.

As you can see, your kitchen and dining has to adjust as per the requirement. These simple tips will help you do so.

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