3 Creative Ways to Increase the Space in Your Home

3 Creative Ways to Increase the Space in Your Home
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    There are three common sense ways you can increase the space in your home.

    You can do this without splurging or moving into a larger house!


If you are thinking of buying a new house because your current one is small and not able to fit your needs, then learn to make use of these simple tips to make it bigger. It may sound incredulous, but the fact is that you can actually make your house larger with a few simple changes here and there.

Create an extra room

Typically you need a larger house as your kids become older because they will be needing a room for themselves. Actually, you can create one out of your present space!

Ever tried to look at your attic as a room? Just clear out all the clutter, clean it up and make it bright and lively. Add some good lighting, put up some bright curtains and it will be a beautiful space for your loved ones. The same applies to your basement too.

Or you can shift all the clutter there and free some space in the house. The basement works as a perfect place for your workshop. Any hammering or welding work can easily done there without disturbing the other occupants of the house.

Do you have a large living room or a bedroom? Do you really need such a huge space? Put up a partition in between and create another room. If you have multiple balconies, convert a few into rooms. Put up a false ceiling, install windows and have proper lighting and ventilation. This way you would be having another room for yourself.

Your storage room can be a room too. Throw away all the stuff that you do not need. If there is no storage, you will not even keep any extra stuff in your home. This way you also de-clutter your life and space.

Remove furniture

Today is a time when people are going minimalistic. Heavy furniture items only take up a lot of space. Besides, you need to maintain them too. So go ahead and sell it off.

Rather than beds, throw some mattresses and rugs on the floor. You immediately have more space and more people can fit in the same space. Another option is to break your heavy furniture into smaller pieces. So get your 3 seater sofa broken into 3 single seater. Place these in different rooms in order to free space.

In fact, you can store away your statues, artefacts, flower vases and other such items away. Make your house more functional. You never realize how much space these items are taking till you remove them.

Make your rooms multifunctional

Your living room can function as a bedroom at night. Have a Sofa Cum Bed there. Keep a collapsible dining table in the dining area. Use it as another room when you are not having your meals there.

It is actually possible to create space. After all, moving to a new home is never easy. You have a new address along with new neighbors and new friends too. So rather than going through all this effort, just make these changes and create space out of nowhere.

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