Exterior Décor to Add Value to Your Home

Exterior Décor to Add Value to Your Home
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    To add value to the exterior of your home, you should:

    • use exterior paint
    • keep the exterior clean
    • add decorations to your exterior
    • maintain your fence/gate


As you go about decorating your home, you tend to ignore the exterior. But the fact remains that exterior décor is equally important as the interiors of your home. After all, this is what creates the first impression of your home and people will know what to expect from the interiors.

1) Use exterior paint

Typically people use the same paint outside and inside their homes. But your exterior walls will always be exposed to the elements of nature. There are special paints for these exterior walls. Use these only. Make sure there is no overgrown moss or fungus on your. Besides being unhealthy, they do not look good too.

2) Keep your exteriors clean

Just like your interior wall, even the exterior walls have to be cleaned at regular intervals. Sweep your roof at regular intervals. In case you have kept some outdoor furniture, make sure that it is kept clean at all times. A dusty reclining chair in the porch does not make a good sight.

The same thing applies to your outdoor paintings, plants, porch and so on. Do keep in mind that this area will require more cleaning than your interiors.

3) Decorate your exteriors well

While people tend to buy a lot of knick-knacks for their interiors, they tend to ignore the exteriors of their home. One reason is that they are scared that their artefacts may be stolen. But there are a number of items that do not cost much and will not be of much value to a thief. You can buy some simple wall hangings to decorate your exterior walls.

There are a number of stone statuettes that you can place randomly in your porch and walkway. They add a unique ambience to your property. Your main door must reflect your interiors and your style. Do not try to cut corners here. There are a number of options available here.

While a wooden door looks good, a steel or iron door adds to safety. Many people like to opt for double doors. While the exterior one provides safety and keeps the rain, dust and cold out, the inside door provides the real safety.

4) Maintain your fence and gate

Your fence as well as gate must be well painted at all times. Keep your gate oiled. There cannot be a more eerie feeling than a creaky gate. Even these have to be kept clean at all times. Choose the material accordingly which does not require high maintenance.

Even the surroundings of your fence and gate are important. In case there is high grass or an overgrowth of weeds, get it trimmed immediately. It does not look good and may harbour pests, rodents and others.

Thus you can see that the exterior of your home is equally important as the interiors. You need to provide it care and maintenance.

All your friends having homes may be ignoring such an important aspect of their homes. But now you can share this article with them through social media and let them reap the benefits. After all, this way they increase the value of their home too!



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