Things To Have In Mind In Order To Maximize Your Home Office Efficiency

Things To Have In Mind In Order To Maximize Your Home Office Efficiency
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    Working from home has always been a dream-job scenario for many individuals, the perks simply always tend to outweigh the downsides:

    • no dress code, no commute to work,
    • familiar surroundings and,
    • most importantly, you are free to organize your own time.


However ideal this might sound, without the proper approach to organizing your workspace within your home, productivity can plummet. A properly organized workspace can and will improve workflow while keeping one’s mind away from the distractions of the outside world.

Take your private life out of the equation

A common misconception when starting out work from home is planting your workspace dead in the center of your living room. In a typical work environment, elements from our private lives are either completely absent or present enough to remind us what’s waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. When working from home, these reminders are all too present, constantly bombarding us with distractions. To avoid this, designating an area of our home specifically for work is a must. This is the best of both worlds, cancelling out distractions while still making us feel like we’re at home.

Some pic ideas for your “Home Office” design and planning:

home office home office home office

Invest a comfortable work area

When working from home, a vast majority of time will be spent sitting down in front of your device of choice. Anyone who has spent several hours typing away at a PC will know the pain of waking up to a sore neck and an aching back. Although tempting, opting out for a cheaper choice to furnishing your workspace is a bad idea in the long-run. Investing in a good office chair will provide a better work environment and will keep your health in check.

Mix it up a bit

As with all areas in life, a change of scenery is necessary every now and then. Do not be afraid to alter your workspace to bring a bit of life back into it. Move the desk around, add some greenery, change up the lighting etc. These changes, however small they might be, can and will breathe life back into the monotony work has a tendency to meander into. Decorating your workspace takes no time at all and yet, the impact something like a simple change of mugs can make is nothing laughing matter.

Keep your storage organized

One of the key issues when working from home is the tendency for your work to slowly seep into your private life. Paper everywhere, documents and logs hidden behind cabinets, and the one piece of paper actually needed is lost beneath the recesses of the couch cushions. Another problem people face is overstocking on supplies. The key to a good business is planning ahead, this means that whatever the resources may be – surplus is required. Trying out different approaches to these problems is a required to avoid swimming through office supplies on the way to the kitchen.

Many people opt for expanding their work area, taking matters into their own hands and end up trading another part of their home for work storage. Others simply do not have the luxury of having more spare space around the house. When in a bind, it might prove fruitful to look into various cheap storage solutions to make room in the house or to simply have an option of where to keep things that we might not immediately need.

Remember to tidy up

Cleanliness is next to godliness, we’ve heard this phrase day in and day out, and the office space is no exception. We’ve all seen it in movies and the like: stacks of pizza boxes, turned over soda bottles, supplies and tidbits trash everywhere. Although an exaggeration, this is a real danger when confined to one space for a prolonged period of time, it comes with the turf. Maintaining a clean workspace, although tedious, keeps productivity high and maintains an air of professionalism in the air, be it for us or a possible client.


Working from home truly is a privilege, and as such, it is our responsibility to live up to the responsibilities that come with it. The added comfort can and will pull away at productivity, but with a little creative thinking and an organized workspace, maintaining a healthy work ethic could not be easier. By zoning out outside influences, investing in and constantly working on our surroundings, productivity will skyrocket while still providing the comforts and flexibility that come with a stay-at-home job.

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