Home Office Remodel: Optimize Workspace to Boost Productivity

Home Office Remodel: Optimize Workspace to Boost Productivity
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    There are a lot of elements affecting the productivity of your business.

    An office as a part of a working environment is one of them.


If you have decided to remodel, why not do it in the fashion which will boost the productivity of your workforce and make the hours they spend in the office more enjoyable? Consult your own taste and the tips below for the best result.

An open floor plan

When talking about a productive office, we need to imagine an office full of responsible, well-motivated people. Take the walls down and have those people see each other. An open floor layout not only improves communication between co-workers but it also improves a unique type of motivation.

No one likes being worse than the next person. So a sense of competition may blow some wind at your productivity’s back. Another thing that may boost your productivity is the feeling of being watched, this will make your employees less tempted to visit social media or watch videos during office hours.

Functional sections

Even though you have an open floor plan, you should still divide the area into sections by their purpose. Also, certain areas require more privacy than others. You should employ glass-walls to cancel the noise between the work zone and the resting zone.

A designated area for relaxation will help those on a break fully step away from their work, and those still working not get disturbed by those on a break. Furthermore, noise cancellation is required for those who spend a lot of time on the phone, probably management’s offices which require privacy, and a meeting room.


Comfortable furniture can make all the difference. Apart from employing your sense and expert advice, interview your workers to check their preferences and indulge them where acceptable.

People who spend a lot of time at their desks, for example, may prefer different things. Some like working in big comfortable lazy-boy- like chairs, while others like ergonomic chairs which provide full support and an excellent posture. Also, there are those who have specific preference such as a standing table or sitting on a pilates ball. Make sure the furniture matches the style and the scale of the rest of the office.


It is well known that absence of sunlight can cause depression. While we are not going to talk about extremes, this was only meant to point out that light plays a great role in setting a mood. Let as much natural light in as you possibly can. As adding extra windows or light tubes may not be an option, use reflective surfaces to maximize the amount of daylight you receive.

Large mirrors, metal, glass surfaces, and furniture with a glossy finish are all examples of what you can use to spread the light throughout the office. You could, perhaps, incorporate some of these ideas into your latest remodel. You should add white LED lights to make up for the lack of natural light, when and where it is needed.

The colors

One of the things to consider when choosing the right color scheme is precisely the point mentioned in the previous paragraph. Choose a light neutral color to make your office brighter. Ignore the recommendation related to the glossy surfaces and choose a matte finish for your walls as it will distribute the light equally instead of simply reflecting it.

Once you are done with setting up the proper background, you can choose accent walls and features in the colors of your company to keep its identity present in the office. Add a focal point to the office by adding a meaningful mural of the company’s logo, slogan or anything else that could help depict its identity and the message.

Declutter and organize

Knowing where everything is will save you a lot of time. Try using smart storage solutions to create extra storage units throughout the office. Make the entire area functional and pleasant, by keeping everything in its place. For example, buy brochure holders and keep them neatly organized for your clients to take, instead of laying them out on a table in the waiting area.

Get rid of unnecessary items from your office. Perhaps you can make an official purge day and delegate tasks to the workers to declutter the entire office, all at once. After that is done, you will be able to organize it properly. If you have old furniture you do not wish to dispose of, instead of renting a storage unit, you can organize a sale and fund an office party with the money you collect that way.

A pleasant office is a right place to conduct a successful business. Do everything in your power to create a healthy and helpful working environment. You and your workers will be motivated to come to work every day and give your best to see the business succeed.

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