Why You Need a Standing Desk When Working Long Hours at Home

Why You Need a Standing Desk When Working Long Hours at Home
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    Working long hours at home makes you sit too much which is harmful to your health.

    Sitting a lot each day increases your chances to have diabetes, heart diseases and may lead to an early death.


This has become a major threat to people working for long hours at home; however standing desks have become popular. They can also be referred to as stand up desk.

It is a desk that will allow you to work while standing comfortably. With the modern ones you can adjust them according to your height and you can alternate on sitting and standing. These ones are called height adjustable or you can call them sit stand desk. Below are some of the benefits of using a standing desk.

1. Standing Desk Will Lower Risks Of Weight Gain

Weight gain is normally caused by intake of more calories than what your body can burn. Exercising is the most effective method of burning calories quickly; however when you choose to stand rather than sitting, this can be helpful to your body.

An equal time spent on standing compared to an afternoon walk burns over 170 calories which amounts to almost 1000 extra calories just by standing at your standing desk in the afternoon. Burning fewer calories while sitting for a long time can cause weight gain and obesity.

2. Your Blood Sugar Is Lowered

As your blood sugar levels increase in a higher rate after meals it becomes worse for your health. A study that consisted of 23 office workers concluded that alternating of standing and sitting throughout the day reduced the blood sugar by 11.1 percent. That was on average.

3. Standing Desk Reduces Back Pain

Most of the people working for long hours at home complain of back pain. People who use standing desks have reported a 32 percent improvement of the back pain after using standing up desk for several weeks.

A study that was published by the CDC indicated that standing desks reduced back pains by 54 percent within four weeks. However with the removal of the desks the improvements were reversed in just two weeks.

4. Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

In 1953, the idea of heart health through standing was invented. A study was conducted and revealed that bus conductors had half risks of heart diseases compared to the drivers. An hour of a lot of exercise won’t make up for a day that you spend sitting therefore it is wise for you to use a standing desk.

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5. Boosts Productivity

Working for long hours at home while sitting will make you bored and this will hinder your tasks (such as typing). Standing improves your mood and energy therefore using a standing desk will boost your productivity.

In a 7 week study, people using standing desks reported to have less fatigue compared to those who had remained seated the entire day. On returning to their old desks their moods reverted.

Sharing this information on social media will really help most people working long hours at home. The information explains why you need a stand up desk. Using a standing desk will lower your risk of dying early and it will help you live longer; therefore, it will be of great help to share this information on social media sites.

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