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Home Structure

8 Rules For Organizing Your Closets

Tweet You can whip your closets back in shape, provided that you follow several long-established and wise rules. 1. Two boxes, no more. Closets get disorganized because so much stuff

Kitchen and Dining

5 Design Ideas for Your Pantry

A pantry was originally the place in a home where food, dishes and linens were stored, typically a small room located immediately off of the kitchen. Well before refrigeration, a pantry was often used to store bread and may have been used for food preparation.

General News

How to Banish Clutter For Good

Tweet Clearly, a system to put everything in its place is necessary, with some advance work needed before this job can be accomplished. Effectively banished, clutter can be dismissed for


Garage Clean Up and Junk Removal

Garages, particularly those that are attached to houses tend to get crowded with junk, with little to no room for cars. Somehow, we’ve turned a garage’s original purpose of temporary car storage into permanent junk storage, storing all kinds of stuff inside, including things no one needs.