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Home Structure

Spring Clean Out: Steps to Get Your Home Under Control

Spring is the season for renewal as dormant lawns and gardens come back to life after a long winter’s rest. What also needs to come back to life is your house, what probably hasn’t received a thorough top to bottom clean up and clean out since last fall.

Home Structure

8 Rules For Organizing Your Closets

Tweet You can whip your closets back in shape, provided that you follow several long-established and wise rules. 1. Two boxes, no more. Closets get disorganized because so much stuff

Bed and Bath

Organize Your Kid’s Room Without Going Crazy

Tweet As much as you may want to jump in and organize everything yourself, there are some clear guidelines that you can lay down to ensure that the room is

Just Bedroom

4 Teen Bedroom Organization Tips

Your teen’s bedroom is either a disaster or he or she has learned what it takes to manage one’s personal space. And likely with not a little prodding from you.