7 Home Remodeling Horror Stories

7 Home Remodeling Horror Stories
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    Not every home remodeling project goes according to plan.

    Some jobs start out right, but finish badly while others never seem to get the right footing and fail miserably.


In honor of or perhaps in spite of Hallowe’en, we bring to you the following home remodeling horror stories. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

1. Exposed pipes in the living room.

Who who have ever thunk it? After all, if you have exposed pipes in any living area, your home won’t pass inspection. Well, that’s an issue HomeVestors found when referred to one home that real estate agents had given up on. Somebody had the notion that running pipes through the living room was a sound strategy, but exposed pipes are a problem that can cause horrifying logistical and safety problems. And they are something home inspectors will insist on having remedied right away.

2. One bath, many bedrooms.

Maybe the house was built that way, but when you have four or more bedrooms and just one bathroom, there is something seriously wrong with that arrangement especially in a newer home. Imagine the look of anyone who gets up early to shower and shave, hogging the bathroom while everyone else sits cross-legged waiting to get in. Its a design problem that can be remedied by installing a second bathroom, but it it also a wonder why such an approach was not taken earlier.

3. Strange floor plans.

Some home plans are down right scary. One of the worst remodeling ideas is where an entranceway closet is converted into a half bath. That toilet was just steps from the front door which means that bathroom occupants found themselves sitting right near the door where a closet is usually located. Better make sure that the door is locked otherwise a visitor may mistakenly assume that a closet is still present and seek a place where he can deposit his coat!

4. Cheap materials.

Have you ever seen a carefully conceived and implement remodeling job ruined by the selection of cheap materials? Likely you have and were being too kind not to tell your hosts that their choice of kitchen countertop is a huge distraction. The rest of the room looks great, but no matter how you slice it, laminate looks terrible when the rest of the room has fresh cabinets and new appliances.

5. Disproportionate garages.

There are some garage designs that stand out, but for all the wrong reasons. Any garage that dominates the front of the house will take away from the main living space. You know that the design is a disaster if the peak of the garage rises above the rest of the house. Moreover, if the garage is too wide, it can make the home look like a carriage house, not a residence.

6. A poorly placed porch.

Porches are nice. And they can add value to a house. They can also detract from a house when they are poorly placed. As in when a porch blocks the sunlight into the living space. Natural shade is one thing, but when a porch blocks out all natural light, then you have a the makings of a horror story on hand. Think carefully before you add onto your home, making sure that the rest of the house does not pay the penalty for its odd location. That penalty extends to the home’s occupants too.

7. An oversized great room.

Who doesn’t like a great room? They’re terrific places for the whole family to gather, guests included. Imagine having 30 people in one room with enough space for everyone to feel open and relaxed. Then imagine that room pushing up not one, not two, but three levels, all the way to the top of the roof. You now have a home that looks like a warehouse, with exposed beams, too many windows and a heating and cooling nightmare on your hands.

More Horror

As with any planned renovation project, you need to think carefully what the final look will be. You may have “castle” in your mind, but end up with a Frankenhouse, a home of truly epic fail proportions.

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