Optimizing Space: How to Make the Inside of Your Home Feel Bigger

Optimizing Space: How to Make the Inside of Your Home Feel Bigger
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    A larger home is more difficult and more costly to maintain, but a small home can leave you feeling claustrophobic.

    However, with a little careful planning and some design knowledge, you can make the inside of your home feel a lot larger than it is.


The following are some tips to help you optimize your space and make your home feel bigger.

Multi-Functioning Furniture

Overstuffing a small home with a lot of furniture will quickly leave you with that too-crowded feeling. Making use of multi-functioning furniture, such as an ottoman with storage space, will free up valuable floor space and eliminate clutter. A bench with storage space in place of kitchen chair or a dresser as side table can provide double-duty and optimize storage options.

Open the Windows

You may love long, billowy curtains, but they are the quickest way to make your home appear smaller. According to Arch Design, a provider of window and door replacements, letting the light in can trick the eye into seeing a larger space. Covering windows with heavy fabrics will only make it appear smaller.

Lighter Colors

One of the things you can do to make your home feel bigger is to give your walls a fresh coat of paint. With that said, you don’t want to use a dark color to paint your rooms with. Rather you want to go lighter. If you go too dark, your room will feel smaller. By going lighter and inviting in natural light into the room, it will give it a much bigger feel than what you had before.

Window and Door Replacements

If you really want to open your home up, consider window and door replacements. Larger windows and glass doors will give you the illusion of a larger room. A small living room can instantly be transformed with just one large window. And if you paint the room a lighter color, combine that with the natural light the window gives, your room will feel much bigger than before.

Maximize Wall Space

Shelves on the walls may make your rooms appear smaller. However, built-in storage space will open things up more. Sinking the shelves into the walls themselves will give you more storage space and, if you take them from the floor to the ceiling, it will give you the illusion of higher ceilings.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and strategically placing them throughout your home will make a big difference in its appearance. Those placed directly across from a window will help bring the outdoors in. However, be careful of bulky, dark frames. Those with light-colored frame or no-frame at all will provide you with a more unified image.

While a large home has many benefits, a smaller home can save you money, time, and energy. By following just a few of the tips above, you can easily make a small home appear larger. Optimizing the space inside your home can make it feel less claustrophobic and more inviting to both you and your guests. In fact, just executing one or two of the ideas above, you will see an immediate difference.

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