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Home Renovation

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 17: Home Renovations to Start Planning for After the New Year

The new year provides a great opportunity to take stock of your home and consider any future projects. Even the nicest homes require constant maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Home Renovation

Strategies to Ensure That Your Major Remodel Doesn’t Turn Into a Big Disaster

The slew of DIY home renovation and house-flipping shows have sparked a new interest in remodeling among homeowners. But before you grab a sledgehammer and start tearing down walls or ripping up floorboards, there are important things to consider.

Home Renovation

How a Renovation Can Help Clear Your Mind and Improve Productivity

Everybody—but especially those who work from home—is looking for ways to help clear their mind and improve their productivity. Such benefits can be found down many avenues; for example, exercising more, meditation, removing distractions, and creating work incentives.

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4 Tips for Building the Best Home Extension for You

Extending your house is almost like buying a new one. You have to find a reputable home builder, choose a design, and decide how to pay for it.

Home Renovation

How to Renovate Your Home in Preparation for Selling It

We renovate our homes for many reasons: to provide comfort to ourselves and our families, to improve its aesthetic appearance, and into improve its value. This latter point is especially important if you are thinking of selling your home.

Home Renovation

5 Tips to Make Your Home Renovation Run a Little Bit Smoother

There are many great benefits to performing a home renovation. It can help to beautify your home, make your home more comfortable and enjoyable for your family to live in, and even increase the home’s value on the market.

Home Renovation

What To Do First When Renovating a House

Doing things in the wrong order in a home renovation can waste time and add costs. If you know what to do first when renovating a house, your project has a better chance of timely completion and fewer changes.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for July 26: 3 Tips for Safely Renovating Your Home

Owning your own home and making improvements can be a lot of fun, and creates lots of opportunities to add value to your home and make your own impact on your spaces.

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Sunday Morning Tip for May 31: 4 Pet-Proof Must-Haves When Building a New Home

Your pet is a valuable member of the family. There can be no denying how much love and joy these four-legged creatures bring to your life.

Home Renovation

6 Tips to Help Improve Your House’s Aesthetics

You have all kinds of options to consider. And you need to narrow down your search. Here for you are six tips to help improve your house’s aesthetics.

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Sunday Morning Tip for May 24: 5 Ways to Get an Old House Ready to Be Flipped

Real estate is a top pick when it comes to making a profit. Whether you are selling your own home, a family estate, or you have purchased a home for the sole purpose of flipping it, you have the potential to make good money.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for May 17: 5 Things You Should Check Before Starting a Remodel

The building industry has seen many differences in construction design in the last few decades. One of these major differences is the use of floor trusses in residential building construction.

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Sunday Morning Tip for May 10: 4 Benefits of Using Floor Trusses to Enhance Interior Design

The building industry has seen many differences in construction design in the last few decades. One of these major differences is the use of floor trusses in residential building construction.

Home Renovation

How to Correctly Estimate a Renovation Project?

It’s essential to make an accurate estimate and precise takeoffs from the outset while preparing a project for your home, or you’ll end up having to adjust your plans and have to prepare everything over again.

Home Renovation

How To Stay Sane During Your Home Renovation

A home renovation project can be as exciting as it is stressful. Once you start your project, your home will be thrown into a type of chaos that can be tough for many families to manage.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 19: 3 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Renovate Your Home

A home reno can be a big job. So big that it’s hard to know exactly where to start. But no matter what you want to do, it always starts with a plan. Keep scrolling to find out how to make sure your plan works for every job.

Home Renovation

8 Home Upgrades to Consider for Your New Year’s Resolution

As the wintertime rolls around, you’re likely spending more time at home. As the cold weather keeps you indoors, there are probably some home renovation projects that you’re realizing you want to do.

Home Renovation

Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 18: 4 Extra Touches to Consider When Doing a Home Renovation

When completing a home renovation, your end goal is to increase the value of your home with tangible upgrades. However, an additional goal is to upgrade the overall aesthetic appeal of your home since you and your family are the ones that see it daily.

Home Renovation

Renovating Your Home: How to Pick a Starting Project

While renovating your home may seem like a great idea, you may not always know which parts to work on. You may not even be sure exactly what you should renovate in the first place.

Home Renovation

7 Steps to the Perfect Home Renovation

One of your fundamental needs in life is a roof over your head. For this reason, many people make the step to buy a home so that they have one that’s theirs for life.