4 Reasons Why to Hire a Home Decorator

4 Reasons Why to Hire a Home Decorator
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    You are planning to make an extensive update to your home, not exactly a home improvement project, but decorative updates that are on par with a major renovation.

    Certainly, you could design everything yourself, but you know better: time and talent are just not on your side.


Instead, a home decorator can direct your project, guiding you to make the changes that you seek. You will pay a fee for this professional’s services, but likely will save much money with her or his capable assistance.

1. Money Matters

Time is money and you will save both with the assistance of a capable and qualified home decorator. This person can cut to the chase and draft a budget based on your project parameters. You will know what you can spend and how best to stay on budget.

A home decorator will also save you money by harnessing her vast contacts within the industry. For instance, you wanted access to merchandise and services, something she can pull in from all over. You aren’t limited to the stores where everyone shops, you will have access to wholesalers whose stock may be unique and entirely affordable.

2. Professional Review

You may have a flair for design, but unless you do this full time, you will still come up short. Meanwhile, there are professionals that went to school to learn the ropes, have worked with some of the industry’s top minds and have scores, if not hundreds of jobs completed.

Trust your home decorator to help your home makeover project shine. You should interview several to gauge their experience. Also, ask for references and call these customers to learn more about their own jobs. If you do not sense a connection with a designer, keep on looking.

3. Bringing Dreams to Life

You have a good idea of what you want your home to look like. There are materials you like, colors that you prefer and lighting changes that can enhance any room. Know that your ideas are quite good and will be used by your home decoration professional as she does her work.

You should also know that your designer will consider certain things you never conceived. For example, that could be bringing in a distressed dresser to a bedroom, knocking out a wall or replacing flooring. She can honor your design tastes and enhance them in ways that you never dreamed of.

4. Adding Value to Your Home

What is your home worth? Would the work that you planned to do add value to your home? You may not think about selling, but know this: a renovated home can add much appeal to the home buyer.

You may have seen the shows on HGTV where a family invested $25,000 (for example) in their home and soon discovered that its value increased by $45,000. That’s a $20,000 profit minus your home decorator’s fee — you can still come out way ahead by using the services of a professional.

Moving Forward

You now know that a home decorator can save you time and money. You also know that the value of your home can benefit. Keep in mind that the value of your home can change especially if you decide not to sell right now. If you do sell, you will have the benefit of showcasing a staged home, one that can command top dollar on the market.

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