5 Renovations that Will Open Up Your Bathroom

5 Renovations that Will Open Up Your Bathroom
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    Many people desire a bathroom that is large, open and luxurious.

    However, not everyone has the square footage available in their bathroom to make this a reality.


Luckily, there are some relatively easy home renovation projects that you can consider, to open up your bathroom and make it look larger than it actually is. Here is a look at those renovations and how they can change your bathroom space.

Larger And Additional Mirrors

There is no denying that having more mirrors in any room will make it look much larger. So while many bathrooms have at least one mirror above the sink, consider adding a few others in order to open things up. If you have a window in your bathroom, consider strategically place a mirror in front of it to get the reflection of sunlight and also get a good view of what’s outside your home.

Open Showers

If you have a stationary tub with a shower curtain, you are losing out on a lot of space that could be used in your bathroom. Many times with a smaller home, you don’t need that bathtub. Consider getting rid of that bath tub and install an open shower. Don’t use shower curtains because they make the room look smaller by blocking off the square footage that is available. Instead, consider a shower that has glass doors, which will make your bathroom appear to have more space and look deeper. Glass really helps a room open up and feel more spacious.

Cabinet and Fixture Changes

If you want to still have a tub in your bathroom, make the change traditional option tub that is lifted and has feet. Furthermore, you may want to consider getting everything off the floor altogether, in order to make the bathroom look larger. You can replace floor cabinets with hanging ones, which will allow you to get rid of clutter and keep all of your personal things out of the way. Another option is to get a stationary sink that has no cabinets attached, in order to open up the area around it.

Redo Flooring

Some flooring, especially linolium tends to get really old and have a nasty effect on the bathroom as a whole. Especially when it comes to the edges of the floor. When the material begins to curl up, and get that nasty black and brown stain to it on the edges, the bathroom will tend to feel smaller and more cluttered. If you were to try putting a tile floor in the bathroom, suddenly the surface area of the floor has expanded visually because the tile is tight with the walls, and other vanities.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If all of the options on this list feel like a hefty investment, consider how much a fresh coat of paint can do for your home. Painting your bathroom is incredibly easy and it can be done as a weekend project. But instead of going with darker colors, which will make your bathroom look small and dreary, use lighter colors and pastels to make the room look larger. If you are unhappy with the size of your bathroom, consider some of these neat tricks to get the extra space you desire.



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