Stone Architechture

Stone Architechture
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    While it is not the most complex stone structure in existence, the circle of stone known as Stonehenge in England is one of the oldest known stone architecture sites in Britain.


1. Stonehenge

While it is not the most complex stone structure in existence, the circle of stone known as Stonehenge in England is one of the oldest known stone architecture sites in Britain. This incredibly ancient structure has stood the test of time and as such is an inspiration to stone architechts everywhere.

The power and solidarity of the columns has withstood eons, and the effort required to move and drag these stones to their current location is a sobering reminder of the difficulty of stone work. Fortunately, we now have much better tools for manipulating stones, and we can move them much farther and with much more artful design than the paleolithic Stonehenge constructors could have imagined.

2. The Coliseum of Rome

Almost as old as Stonehenge, this hulking location is remarkable mostly because of its complexity. Its many arches and incomplete entryways were once a fully functional ampitheater that provided entertainment to every citizen of Rome. While today it stands eroded and empty, it is a powerful reminder of the strength of stone as a construction supply and as a building tool.

The Coliseum in its heydey had many purposes: as an entertainment center, as a gladiator ring, and of course as a location for the Caesar to look down on his subjects and declare fighters worthy or unworthy. This multipurpose location is a shining example of how stone architecture can be used for a variety of purposes.

3. St. Peter’s Cathedral

This beautiful, complex stone church is an architechtural marvel of the United Kingdom and was completed centuries ago where it still stands today. The columns, artwork and stonework of this cathedral are all beyond compare and are perfect examples of the power of stone for the aspiring stone architect. The power of faith helped to build this cathedral, but the power of near flawless stone architecture was also vital in its construction.

The Cathedral took many, many decades to build and still needs constant maintenance today, reminding us that indeed, stone architecture is a challenging and difficult field not easily undertaken by a small group or those without resources.

4. The Vatican

Italy’s center of faith, this sprawling complex is only part stone, but the parts that are stone are incredibly long-lasting, with some that date back hundreds of years. Observing this edifice is like looking back in time, and can help illuminate the complexities of mixing stone with lesser materials. The Vatican is constructed from a wide variety of substances but its foundations are all stone, and are clearly visible as such.

In addition, the catacombs of the Vatican are all constructed of stone, and have outlasted many of the surface constructions in all of Rome. The simple stone arch is often the mainstay of this underground marvel, which keeps the remnants of the old Catholic order cool and quiet in the dark underground of Italy.

5. The Taj Mahal

This Indian masterpiece of stone architecture is rightfully one of the greatest wonders of the world. Its columns, domes and archways are legendary, and have impressed explorers and worldly men since its creation ages ago. The Taj, as it is locally known, has such beautiful architecture that even Marco Polo was impressed with its beauty. This is one of the greatest examples of stone architecture.

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