Start at the Top: Roof Energy Efficiency Tips

Start at the Top: Roof Energy Efficiency Tips
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    Energy efficiency is a big deal right now and one of the ways that homeowners can keep a lid on their energy bills is to make sure that their roof is doing its job in delivering the savings that can be achieved.


Improving the energy efficiency of your roof does not have to be costly or complicated and here are some hints, tips and advice to help you get the most out of your roof.


An obvious starting point and the one area in particular that most people think about first when they are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their property. Installing insulating material in your attic will deliver immediate benefits but many people do consider insulating their roof as well. A poorly insulated roof is going to waste you money as it will cause you to use more air conditioning in the summer months and more heating in the winter.


A well-insulated roof will have a big impact on your heating and cooling needs and if used in conjunction with weatherization coatings you can almost completely negate the need for air conditioning in the property until outdoor temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

How To Achieve Proper Insulation

The materials that you can use are dependent on the type of house that you live in and the general climate of the area where your house is situated. You should get expert advice on what is suitable but ideas to consider will be a high-tech solution like home foam insulation or cellulose insulation or more simple options such as fiberglass or cotton batting.

If you have open or high beams or live in a generally cooler area then you might want to consider a radiant barrier, which is simple reflective film that wraps around the beams, allowing it to reflect the heat out rather than absorb it.

Sustainable Re-Roofing

If you are installing a new roof in a newly built property or ready to re-roof an existing house then you have an excellent opportunity to do things as sustainably as possible. The problem you are faced with here is that this is a market that is changing all the time with new ideas and products constantly becoming available.

You need to do some thorough research before committing any cash but generally savings can be achieved in this area, although the general consensus is that wood shingles do not last long enough and degrade too quickly (about 15 years) to demonstrate worthwhile savings. A good roofer should be familiar with similar properties in your area and be able to advise the best materials that can cope with the climate and conditions of the area where you live.

Cool Roof

It is no coincidence that many properties in the Mediterranean climates are painted white as this enables the houses to achieve a good temperature and to make the most of the natural energy. This same principle applies if you live in a hot area when it comes to getting the most energy efficiency out of your roof.

Significant savings can be achieved by lightening the color of your roof and a cool roof can be as much as 60 degrees cooler than a conventional dark colored roof. By decreasing the solar gain and heat retention of your home you also increase the comfort levels and achieve some great savings on your energy costs too.

There are many ways that can help you to get your roof to become as energy efficient as possible, so take some good professional advice based on your location and type of property, so you can maximize the savings and improve your green credentials at the same time.

Michael Bazile is a building consultant. He enjoys sharing his research and ideas online through blogging.

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