5 Ways to Give Your Home a Designer Finish for Less

5 Ways to Give Your Home a Designer Finish for Less
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    Everybody loves a designer look but few can afford the expense of hiring a designer or buying design furniture.

    However, with a little research and DIY, you can accomplish similar results for far less.


You just need to know where to focus and what to transform to upgrade your mundane-looking house to something straight out of a home decoration magazine. Read on for suggestions on how to do it.

Start with the floor

We don’t often pay much attention to the floors once they have been laid out but they can make a tremendous difference to the look of a room. If you are open to it, wooden flooring in a chic color or eye-catching patterns is perhaps the single biggest upgrade toward a designer look. Paneled-flooring in white pastel is an excellent option. However, flooring can be expensive. If your flooring is already set in place, you may consider giving it a paintjob for an instant lift. The harshness of tiled floors can be toned down with rugs in warm colors.  The idea here is to make the floor an active participant in the beautification of a room.

Play with black and white for understated elegance

Few colors are as perennially classy as black but for some reason many shy away from using it in their homes. Don’t. Tap into the mysticism of the color and combine it smartly with white to give your room a dual-colored theme. Then break the pattern with fuchsia pink or a deep red. For instance, set a pink lamp or a purple vase next to a bed decked out in black-and-white bedding. The idea is to contrast classy colors with playful and flirtatious ones, but only slightly. Any color that breaks the monotony should do so in a way that further accentuates the classiness of your basic colors.

Try this out in your bedroom if you don’t have the confidence or the assurance to take it to the living room. When you see the results in one room you’d want to try it out elsewhere though you may have to think of different color schemes for each room.

Mix simple with unusual

Choose a simple table but unusual chairs for your dining room. These need not be designer chairs, just something out of the ordinary. If you shop around or search online you’ll find chairs that come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Pick up a few of these to create a knock-out effect for your dining space. Similarly, if you have a traditional sofa, contrast it with an eccentric-looking center table. Apart from looking good, such pieces keep alive a sense of excitement, almost as if one doesn’t know what to expect next!

Polish life into dull things

If there are pieces that you are fond of but which only detract from the overall ambience because of their dullness, give them a good ole polishing and see them infuse magic into your house. These could be walls (in which case you would need a paintjob), window frames, kitchen cabinets, countertops, fridge doors, tables, chairs, vases, mantelshelf, stair railings, etc. Don’t leave a jaded surface alone. There are liquids available in the market that will get rid of scratches on any surface. Invest in them and use them regularly to keep everything looking spic and span. Clean your upholstery with similar liquids for a brand new look.

Get beige curtains for your living room

Regardless of the color of the sofa, the walls, or the flooring, heavy beige curtains are the single biggest accessory in upgrading a living room to chic. If you already have curtains in this color, or in some other color and are not looking to replace them any time soon, get bright colored curtain rods with multi-colored hooks. If you are looking to buy a new sofa-set, look up beige options. In short, try to include light beige in your living room. It makes for a fantastic background color; it gives depth, character, and style to a room and mixes well with most other colors, so use it to your advantage.

Author Bio:- Paul Nach works at 27estore.com, a company focused on offering quality home remodeling products like wood interior doors. In his free time and whenever snow is on the slopes, Paul likes to snowboard – going to the beach is also an alternative.



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