6 Quick Room Makeovers for Profound Results

6 Quick Room Makeovers for Profound Results
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    Not every update to your home means taking on an extensive home improvement project.

    For time-pressed and budget-constrained households, there are ways you can refresh your look and do so quickly and within budget.


Turn any tired room into a showcase by incorporating one or more renovation options.

1. Revive your furniture. It would cost you at least $2,500 to replace your current couch, love seat and your two Queen Anne chairs. Your furniture is still in very good condition, although you may not be all that fond with the fabric. You could pay to reupholster your furniture, but then your cost would come awfully close to what you might pay for new furniture. What you can do instead is to shop for custom-fitted slip covers with over-locking seams. They’ll stay in place after each use and can bring a new look to your room within minutes.

2. Say it with flowers. Some rooms look great and need very little work. Perhaps a splash of seasonal color would do the trick. Bring in a bouquet of flowers and fill a glass vase to provide a refreshed look. Additional color can be quickly added by replacing muted soft pillows with cheery throw pillows. New sheer curtains can bring in more natural light, transforming any room quickly and painlessly.

3. Reorder your room. You may have the right furniture for the room, but maybe rearranging your pieces can give that room added interest. Move artwork from wall to wall and bring out your stored pieces to swap out too. Area rugs can be replaced and your lamp shades updated. Replace tired looking light switch covers, if desired.

4. Bring on the hardware. Those old end tables look great, but there is one noticeable problem: the hardware is tarnished, broken or simply outdated. Instead of replacing the furniture, swap out the hardware. Handles and knobs are easy to replace, a design change that you can apply to any room. Give your kitchen cabinets a makeover too!

5. Redo your floors. If you have wood floors, consider stripping them to remove the old varnish. First, give your floor a good vacuuming, taking care to remove all debris. Second, sand the floor to bring back the grain. Apply a clear sealer or a stain to give your floors a new look.

6. Install new shelving. Sometimes, all you need is one new piece of furniture to dramatically refresh a room. That might be shelving, the place where you display your favorite keepsakes. Opt for glass shelves or if you choose wood, paint these white for maximum eye appeal. Find a place in your room where the shelving becomes an attractive focal point for that area.

Makeover Considerations

Put some effort into your makeover and your home can have a refreshed look in just one day. Your update can last for a season or for several years and until you are ready to tackle a more comprehensive update.

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