Kitchen Care: This Recipe Calls for a Splash of Color

Kitchen Care: This Recipe Calls for a Splash of Color
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    Drab kitchens are hardly inviting and can quickly dull the senses of even the intrepid chef.

    While a new copper or granite countertop can spark visual interest, the easiest and most cost effective updates are those that add a splash of color.


Give your kitchen a design improvement by adding the following colorful items.

1. Go neutral with your backsplash. One way to add visual appeal to any kitchen is by changing the backdrop. Replace that colorful, but distracting backsplash with a neutral color. That way, whatever you place in front of it will stand out sharply.

2. Add color to canisters. Clear, glass canisters look great, but you can just as easily replace these with today’s hottest colors including cayenne red, lemonade yellow and meadow green. New colors add visual pop and draw the eye’s attention to where you want it the most.

3. Choose a mixer or a matcher. The next time you shop for a stand mixer, choose one that is not gray, black or white. Instead, there are numerous color choices now available including sky blue, almond cream, deep red, tangerine and chocolate that can go far in changing your room’s look. Other appliances that make use of color changes include toasters, timers, crock pots and electric can openers.

4. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary. A bare wall can easily be filled with colorful works of art. But, that also means you will be doing much dusting and rearranging in the future. Take the work out of your update by employing stencils to the front of kitchen cabinets. Design your pattern first, practicing on paper or by buying a design from the craft store. Then, apply the stencil to the cabinet faces.

5. Add visual appeal to glass cabinets. While faces to wood cabinets can be changed, it isn’t something that you want to do to glass cabinets unless you opt for frosting. Better yet, paint the back wall of the cabinets, choosing a vibrant shade of red, green, blue, orange or yellow to highlight your dishes. With lighting strategically in place, you can change the mood of your kitchen with this project.

6. Display your collections. Your beautiful seasonal sets are placed away from time to time. Perhaps you might reconsider this approach by putting your colorful summer pattern on display where everyone can see it. A kitchen shelf or glass cabinet are great places for such placements. You might also hang several plates on a wall to provide an attractive focal point for your kitchen.

7. Redo your fabrics. One of the fastest ways to add color to any kitchen is to redo your fabrics. Change out your curtains. Cover worn chairs. Add in new pillows. The advantage here is that a new color arrangement can be put in place for each season or whenever you are in the mood.

Tap Your Imagination

There are many other ways you can add color to any kitchen. For instance, choose a fiery red paint scheme and use it on one wall and match it with your kitchen shade, knobs and handles. You can also inject pop by adding visual contrast in unlikely ways such as adding a criss-cross patter on the ceiling, displaying thematic artwork on shelving or walls, or taking a fresh look at the latest wallpaper patterns.

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