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Home Theater

How to Build a Home Theater and Must-Haves to Include

If you combine the latest technology with your own unique design touches, you can end up with a pretty stupendous home theater system. The biggest limitation on the design process is your imagination, so you should let it run wild.

Yard and Garden

How to Turn your Backyard into a Dog Paradise

It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to turn your backyard into a doggie paradise. With the right equipment and a little planning, your dog will be entertained for years to come.

Home Furniture

How to Save or Reuse Old Furniture

In today’s economy, throwing away out-dated, broken or just plain ugly furniture and buying new replacements isn’t always an affordable option. Furniture is a necessity, not just a luxury, but when furniture gets old and tired, buying new items to fill your home can cost the earth.

Home Interior

Be Careful When Hiring a Contractor

If you’re preparing to have major renovations or repairs on your home, be forewarned. Unless you carefully choose a responsible contractor, you may get stuck with substandard work or no work at all.

Green Home

Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Tweet By Alex Levin Green housing has become a hot topic recently. As gas prices continue to increase, the efficiency of electric cars have quickly morphed from simple want to

Home Theater

Eating Healthy While at the Movies

Tweet By Alex Levin Whether you go to the movies or watch movies in your home theater, the following advice is certainly appropriate as you enjoy your favorite flicks. Studies

Kitchen and Dining

9 Easy Steps to a More Organized Kitchen

Tweet By Alex Levin Whether you’re an amateur gourmet chef or you and your family like to grab meals on your way out the door, an organized kitchen is essential.

Kitchen and Dining

5 DIY Money Saving Kitchen Improvement Tricks

Tweet By Alex Levin Here are 5 cost friendly do-it-yourself tips and tricks for minor kitchen improvements. 1. Cabinet Noise Softener – Cork it:  While plenty of newer appliances have

Bed and Bath

Top 5 DIY Bathroom Tips

Tweet By Alex Levin But have no fear; we have solid do-it-yourself design tips to make your latest bathroom renovation go smoothly, while remaining on budget. (1) Research, Sketch, Design,