Landscape Maintenance Tips for Summer and Winter

Landscape Maintenance Tips for Summer and Winter
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    If you think that maintaining the landscape during summers and winters is a challenging task, then by taking the right steps, you can apparently prepare them to withstand the upcoming season.


Preparing them before time will enable you to have beautiful landscaping space with minimal complications. As a matter of fact, proper planning for summer, winter, and spring- plus the accents of winter can help you achieve a perfect landscape with a strike of relief in all four seasons.

So, without any further ado, let’s focus on what these tips & tricks are and how they can make and maintain your beautiful landscape as it is for the years to come.

1. Know the Climate

Before you begin with preparing the garden for a particular season, you must be aware of the climate that persist. It includes the amount of shade, sunrays, and the type of plants that are part of the landscape and their suitable seasons.

This is because the requirements of every plant may not be the same due to the climate they are exposed to. Hence, considering that can help you decide what will be better for them and what wouldn’t work.

2. Keep the Soil Fertilized

Soil tends to dry out in winters and thus loses the right balance of the water along with other vitamins and minerals. In order to maintain this balance, keep them fertilized with the use of mulch and organic fertilizers, as this will allow them to retain moisture throughout the year, so that the plants remain healthy, beautiful, and live longer.

Similarly, for summers, you can increase the amount of water that you provide to the soil and rely on heat-tolerant plants over others.

3. Avoid Burning of Plants

Excess of snow or sand on the landscape can make the plants prone to burning and affect the biological environment. To prevent this, clean the snow as soon as they accumulate at the driveways, path, or patios immediately. For this, you can create snow stockpiles near the landscaping area, where you can dump the snow and keep the landscape the way it was before.

4. Re-think Drainage Strategies

Many homeowners utilize salt or professional graded products to melt the ice, but too much salinity from these products can apparently affect the landscape and destroy the plants. Hence, re-think the drainage strategies and keep puddles or pools that will reduce the ice buildup, as a result of which, the need of using salts will never arise.

How to Choose the Right Landscape Drainage System – youtube

5. Maintain the Structure of the Plants

One of the finest practices for preparing the plants is to trim them before their dormant season. This protects it from diseases and bacterial infestation. Summers can be an incredible time to prune the leafy deciduous trees along with the overgrown evergreen spruce and trees.

Along with that, remove the weeds or other unwanted plants nearby, as they can consume the precious nutrients from the soil that are meant for your favorite blooming plants. While doing this, make sure that you remove them from their roots, as they might start growing again if their roots remain intact.

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6. Never Forget to Blow Out

The sprinkler system of the landscaping area should be prepared for summers and winters to save you from expensive repairs. For winterizing them, you can use a compressed air system that will remove moisture or frozen water that might affect them. Protect the pipes from hard freeze using a backflow preventer, as such conditions can burst the pipe and flood the basement.

7. Consult A Professional for Help

When you are confused with the idea of preparing landscape for harsh climatic conditions, then you can always take help of a reliable expert, who will provide in-depth knowledge about the various steps and how to implement them for your landscaping area.

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Hence, these tips and tricks can be useful to prepare your landscape for any season.

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