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Having Your Yard Landscaped? How To Relieve The Stress

Most people know how important good landscaping is. Studies show that natural beauty can enhance a person’s overall mental and physical well-being.


Ideas to Add More Zest to a Boring Yard

Your yard should be a reflection of your personality, taste, and style. It should feel welcoming when you come home and bring pleasure to your eye.


Spring Is On It’s Way: 4 Tips For Prepping Your Yard For A Summer Of Dreams

It’s time to turn your yard into a perfect reflection of the season. It only takes a few things to make a major differences in your home’s appearance. It really is amazing how much of a difference your yard can make for your whole house.

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Getting Your Yard Ready for the Summer Season: 4 Things to Remember

Summer is finally here and that means that many homes will be getting their yards in shape for a season of playing, gardening, and entertaining.


Updating Your Yard This Summer? Tips To Save Money And Get The Look You Want

The yard is one of the most notable features of the home and often determines the property value. For those looking to spend more time outdoors during the summer season and enjoy activities in the yard, there are several upgrades available that can be done at a low cost.

Yard and Garden

Backyard Birding: Getting Ready for Spring

As winter recedes and spring advances, you will begin to notice some changes around your yard. Of the feathery kind.

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Winter Clean Up: Snow, Ice and Yard Care

Tweet It is a pretty scene popularized by Currier and Ives Christmas cards in the 1800s. It is also a scene that may present a big problem for the homeowner

Storage Space

5 Outdoor Storage Solutions That Make Sense

Tweet As in not using a tarp to protect lawn equipment that should be stored in a safe, dry place. Rely on a tarp and you may find that certain

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What You Should Know About Fire Pits

Tweet Fire pits can be operated ‘year round including in the middle of a harsh winter, offering respite for sleigh riders, skiers and snowboarders alike. Here’s what you need to

Ponds and Fountains

Small Backyard Pond Considerations and Tips

Tweet Ponds provide water for wildlife and can attract a variety of birds and animals that may be absent from your yard at present. Building a small pond is a

Outdoor Structures

Rent-to-Own Sheds: Bargain or Not?

It is a fact: if you need a new shed for your yard, you can either pay cash or you can finance your purchase.

Outdoor Structures

Fencing Considerations for the Dog Owner

The old saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors.” For dog owners, good fences make good neighbors, safe pets, and fewer pet-related problems.

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How to Choose a Tree Cutting Professional

Your home is your castle, but it is the greenery that surrounds it that gives your property its distinctive look.

Home Interior

Use Your Tax Refund for Home Improvement Projects

You’re getting money back from the IRS this year, funds that you can save or put to some other use such as paying off your credit cards, funding a vacation or perhaps handling a long-desired home improvement project.

Yard and Garden

Smart Tips for Eliminating Ticks in Your Yard

Warmer weather has people spending more time outside, soaking up the sun, tending gardens and enjoying wide-open playtime. That increased time spent outdoors also puts people at greater risk of encountering ticks, tiny arachnids that inhabit woody areas, brushy fields and can be found close to your home.

Yard and Garden

You Can Create a Backyard Bird Habitat

There may be no better or well received update that you can do to your yard then to include a bird habitat. Generally located in the backyard, away from traffic, noise and constant human interaction, a backyard bird habitat requires very little from you other than a supply of fresh water, a source of food and cover.

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Unique Home Gift Ideas for Mom

Tweet Christmas presents with home renovation in mind. What will you be getting your mother this Christmas? If mother is advanced in age, widowed and finding it difficult to maintain

Home Interior

A New Look on a Limited Budget

Tweet Are you wanting to update your home? Are limited finances standing in the way of a renovation? Join the club – for many homeowners, a home improvement project is

Garden Maintenance

4 Summer Yard Care Tips

Tweet Get your rest, but not at the expense of your lawn. Enjoy your vacation and your slower pace of life, but keep an eye on your property or have

Garden Plants

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Yard

Tweet You can beautify your property on a budget. Yard projects can get expensive, even more so if you have to lay down sod, plant shrubbery or apply fertilizer. Watering