The Best Ways You Can Keep Your Yard Nice for the Summer

The Best Ways You Can Keep Your Yard Nice for the Summer
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    Maintaining a yard and landscaping it in a way that always looks nice is going to be tough, especially in the summer, when plants seem more fickle than ever.


The sun is constantly beaming down, there’s not as much rain, and the heat can even prevent you from getting out and working on your yard.

Read on to learn some of the best ways you can keep your yard nice for the summer and beat the elements.

Try New Watering Methods

A significant struggle that many people face in the summer is that, regardless of their watering, the sun still wins in the end, leaving their yards looking dry and brown. This appearance is the plant going dormant as it tries to conserve energy, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You could consider watering your plants in the morning so that the roots can absorb the water before the sun evaporates it. Also, consider soaking the grass periodically, as this can train your grass to grow deeper roots and stay tough during the dry summer periods.



Change the Way You’re Mowing

As is the case with watering, people generally do what they are told to do when mowing and do not consider the reality of their actions. For example, people typically cut their grass as short as possible because this is supposed to look the best.

Shorter grass may look nice, but it will ultimately kill your lawn quicker. Mow high and cut your grass longer so it can grow longer roots and reach moisture on the hottest and driest days of the season.

Feed Your Yard

The soil is a piece of your yard that many fail to take care of. People care about the grass and how much they water and mow it, but they fail to consider the soil quality underneath.

Periodically, you should feed your lawn with a microbe turf builder, as this will supply the soil with lots of nutrients so it can grow thick, crowded grass that helps cool the soil during hotter periods.

Reach Out to Professionals

Even these tips may still not be enough. A yard is a miniature ecosystem around your home, and there are sometimes too many factors for the average person to handle. The best bet is to hire a professional landscape service in these instances.

There are plenty of benefits to hiring professionals, as doing so will keep your yard looking pristine without causing you to spend any time or energy maintaining the lawn yourself. This option could be the last resort, but consider it early in the process, as these professionals are guaranteed to leave your yard looking better than they found it.

Keep your yard nice for the summer with these tips; while it may be a lot of effort, it will be worth it at the end of the day. With a properly maintained yard, you can enjoy summer nights on your porch, looking over the sunset, without needing to constantly fret about unsightly dying grass!

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