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8 Great Cleaning Tips For The Home

Spring and Summer are usually the seasons when most people decide to do their annual home improvement projects and cleaning. Just in time, here are some great tips that you’ll be able to use right away!

Pest Control

5 Signs of Termites and How to Eradicate Them

Tweet And that would be termite infestation, the top threat to wood-based structures, exceeding the annual damage from fire, floods and wind damage. Fortunately, with regular attention on your part,

Home Decor

Tips for Cleaning Your Wood Furniture

Tweet Fortunately, wood care is not all that complicated, something you can accomplish with a little elbow grease on your part. Cleaning With Care You may note that your wood

Kitchen and Dining

6 Contemporary Kitchen Countertop Solutions

Tweet There are several surface options available to you including the following. 1. Granite countertops — Granite just may be the most popular choice for homeowners and that should be


4 Deck Choices For Your Home

Our outdoor living options have certainly expanded over the years. Gone are the simple concrete patios that offered a place for families to set up a picnic table and a grille for family gatherings. Today’s homeowners want decks, providing a near seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor enjoyment.

Outdoor Structures

How to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

Tweet Avoid a winter collapse of your outdoor shed. Your shed doesn’t have to be prepared for winter, right? Think again. Structurally, your shed may seem okay, but there could

Kitchen and Dining

New Counter Tops? It Isn’t Just Granite.

Tweet Granite is, of course, the top choice when it comes to counter top renovations, but is not the only choice. Let’s look at some counter top choices for your

Siding / Exterior Decor

How to Choose the Right Home Siding

Tweet Cost effective siding need not bust your budget. Choosing the right siding for your home is as easy as considering wood, brick or vinyl, right? Well, no. If you