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How to Utilize the Space Under the Stairs: Tips and Tricks

Tweet If a guest happens to visit, he may assume you are not a strategic planner, but yes you are not. You can create space where you can store your

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Modern Home: 4 Renovations That Bring Your House Into Style

Tweet If you are considering any type of home renovation, you should spend your money wisely. Make changes that will improve the quality of life for your family. The following

Storage Space

The Family of Pack Rats: 3 Benefits of Having a Storage Unit

As all parents understand, having a family also means having a lot of stuff. Often times that stuff creates storage and clutter issues. It becomes hard to find things when they are needed, and many people end up getting rid of items they still care about or might need solely because they don’t have the space to keep it.

Storage Space

5 Reasons Why Having a Personal Storage Unit Can Really Come in Handy

If you’ve ever watched the popular television show, “Storage Wars,” you might wonder why anyone has a personal storage unit if not to just fill it with junk.

Storage Space

The 4 Most Common Clutter Traps in the Home

Is the clutter monster taking over your household? If one or more rooms in your home holds more stuff than there are places to put it, the answer is likely a resounding yes.

Storage Space

Creating More Living Space

Tweet You don’t need to fret over it if you have a basement. You can create a larger living space by remodeling your basement into a family oriented space that will

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How to Maximize Storage Space in a Small House

Many British people live busy lives in very small buildings.

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The 7 Steps to a De-Cluttered Home

After you’ve lived in one place for a few years, it’s easy for things to become cluttered. As American consumers, we often buy more than we need, and much of what we buy ends up in piles in our garages if we’re not diligent about staying organized.