How to Utilize the Space Under the Stairs: Tips and Tricks

How to Utilize the Space Under the Stairs: Tips and Tricks
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    No matter how massive or enormous your living room looks, you will always get toys littered all over, books on the dinner table, photo albums on the television cabinet, and compact discs on the coaches.


If a guest happens to visit, he may assume you are not a strategic planner, but yes you are not. You can create space where you can store your kid’s toys, shoes, CD’s, books and albums such that whenever you need to access them, it’s a one step away pick.

Under the Stairs Storage space

Have you ever thought of creating space below your stairs? Most people use the space under the ladder to keep the blooms and dustbins right? So why not utilize the space below the ladder. You may ask why below the stairs?

  • Accessibility – there is only one ladder to move up the floor. Hence, you can pass by picking your shoes on your way out.
  • Reliability – when you have a shoe rack under the ladder, you don’t have to worry about the ladder floor falling unexpectedly. Whenever you place your shoes in the evening, nothing will tamper with it until you pick to wear it.
  • Security – the space below the ladder is an isolated place where few if any, bother to go or think about. One can use the assumption of nothing of worth can be stored in such a location for his benefit by building a safe. You can then keep your documents and money, and nobody would ever think such exists.
  • Easiness of adjusting – it is not that involving to create and place a rack or a cabinet under the ladder.

Under the Stairs Storage Ideas

Wine cabinet

For the old, pungent, strong, tasty wine lovers, the space below the ladder can act as your wine cabinet. Classic wines are expensive due to their make date. A wine made in 80’s costs more and tastes better. Luckily, you can buy currently manufactured wine and keep it in your custom made under the stairs wine cabinet for as long as you wish. When the wine has stayed long and has the taste that you desire, you can then unlock your wine cabinet and invite some friends over for a vintage glass of your homemade wine.

Shoe Rack

You don’t have to worry about getting an extra shoe rack. When you feel that the shoes are more than the available space on your current shoe rack, invite a carpenter over and let him make a tailor-made shoe rack for you under the stairs.

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Books cabinet

Books are vital for leisure and also a sign of how educated elite you are. However, when books are scattered everywhere, they depict an alternative image to the prior. You can create space for your books under the ladder where you can keep the books you don’t often read or adult-rated books.

Final verdict

It has never been better than this, have you ever thought about such an idea? I bet the idea does not have to stick in your brain, but you can implement it, share it, and take pride in it. If you happen to spread this idea before this year ends, everybody will be enlightened on utilizing the space under the stairs, and nobody will ever complain about insufficient space again.

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