The Family of Pack Rats: 3 Benefits of Having a Storage Unit

The Family of Pack Rats: 3 Benefits of Having a Storage Unit
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    As all parents understand, having a family also means having a lot of stuff. Often times that stuff creates storage and clutter issues.

    It becomes hard to find things when they are needed, and many people end up getting rid of items they still care about or might need solely because they don’t have the space to keep it.


For many families, downsizing means having to make a lot of difficult decisions regarding what stays and what goes. Feeling forced to get rid of things can make the overall impact of moving or downsizing negative. Luckily, there is a solution.

Storage units can provide a better option to living in constant clutter or feeling forced to get rid of things. Besides, they offer many amenities that can’t be found at home. For example, Self-storage from The Storage Center provides low-cost insurance, on-site managers, 24-hour access, computer-controlled gates, and temperature controlled units. Here are the top 3 benefits of having a storage unit for families.

  • Decrease clutter – Storage units provide an ideal solution to decreasing clutter by allowing them to store seasonal items. For homes without a lot of storage, seasonal items are likely to dominate what storage is available. A storage unit provides a place to store their Christmas decorations, winter clothes, and snow blower throughout the warm months. Then when winter comes, the same storage unit can be used to store the lawn mower, summer clothes, bikes, outdoor play sets, and more.

    This applies to large items as well. A storage unit can be a great place to store a canoe, kayak, toboggan, jet skis, snowmobile, extra vehicle, or even a small boat. These items can be stored safely and securely, keeping them protected and out of the way until they are needed. Customers still have 24-hour access to their storage unit, so there are no limitations to using the items kept in the storage unit.
  • Keep things safe – A storage unit provides parents with a safe, secure, and temperature controlled place to store items they love and don’t want to get rid of but simply aren’t safe to have with young children in the home. This may include glass top furniture, collectables, and antiques. Some parents may want to store items like candles or portable fire places that they don’t plan to use until their children are older.

    A storage unit is also ideal to store things that aren’t needed at the moment but will be needed in the future. For example, most baby items are only needed for a short period of time, they are expensive, and they take up a lot of space. Utilizing a storage unit for baby items clears up storage in the home while keep everything clean and safe until it is needed again.
  • Makes moving and downsizing easier- Moving can be stressful, and moving with children can feel impossible. Feeling forced to get rid of things because of the move can make the whole experience a negative one. Renting a storage unit allows these customers to store the things they may no longer have room for but want to keep. It can give the family more time to make decisions regarding what to keep and what to get rid of.

    It can also make moving easier by providing a temporary place to keep things throughout the move. If there is the pressure of a deadline, moving things early to a storage unit will make moving day go faster and easier while also getting things out of the way during the packing process.

There are many benefits for a family to have a storage unit. For example, it makes moving faster and more efficient; things that the family doesn’t have space for can stay in the storage facility while some of their others things will already be packed and ready to go.

Storage units are also a great way to decrease clutter in the home, and store things that are out-of-season or that are simply not needed. Storing their items in a rental facility may not be for all families, but there are some that need this service and those who can certainly benefit from it.

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