5 Reasons Why Having a Personal Storage Unit Can Really Come in Handy

5 Reasons Why Having a Personal Storage Unit Can Really Come in Handy
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    If you've ever watched the popular television show, “Storage Wars,” you might wonder why anyone has a personal storage unit if not to just fill it with junk.


It is true that many people use a storage unit to store junk that they don’t have room for (and really don’t want) until they decide to either get rid of their belongings, or just sell the unit all together. However, a personal storage unit can really come in handy during certain stages of your life.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the room to store something that you still want to hold onto. Investing in a personal storage unit either temporarily or permanently will not only free up space in your home, but it will allow you to hold on to things you’re not ready to get rid of yet. Read ahead for a few ways you can make use of a personal storage unit to your benefit.

Storing Before, During, or After a Move

If you’re planning on making a move, their may be a time during the process that you need a place to store extra belongings. If you are downsizing, you might find that your new abode can’t support all of the stuff that came from your previous home. In this situation, a personal storage unit can come in handy for housing the rest of your stuff that you literally can’t find spots for in your new home.

You might find during the moving process that you don’t have a safe place to keep your belongings because you might be moving to another country, or their may be a gap between your move out date and the move in date for your new home. If you have to temporarily stay with friends and family, there may not be a safe place to leave your belongings while you’re in this transition period. Having a personal storage unit will provide that space to store your stuff until you move into the new place.

Seasonal Clothing Storage

Sweatshirts and large coats can take up lots of space in the closet, but what’s even worse is that this can become a big problem for large families that possess lots of clothes. Instead of trying to shove all of your clothes together in your closets, simply round up what can’t be worn for the season and store all of it in a personal storage unit. This is also a good idea for seasonal equipment like skis, snowboards, or even a snow-blower. If you don’t have a roomy garage to store this type of equipment and clothing that you will only use a few months of the year, a storage unit can come in handy.

Holiday Decorations

If you’re very active with decorating for the holidays, this can easily translate to needing lots of room to store all of the decorations for the rest of the year. Instead of taking up precious storage space in your closets and storage rooms, simply keep it in a storage unit and forget about it until the holidays roll around again.

Those who love to decorate continue to accumulate props and décor pieces as the years go on—the collection just grows and grows. Using a storage unit for all your decorations will eliminate any frustration you have when it comes to finding a space for your new decorations, especially if you only use certain decorations for one month out of the year.

Excess Business Equipment

Storage units can come in handy for businesses as well! If you run your own business, a storage unit can be a great place for extra equipment. A business might use a storage unit for stowing away expensive office equipment or furniture that isn’t needed at the time. A storage unit can also serve as a secure space for important documents or product prototypes.

No matter what industry you are in, you likely have equipment, and there isn’t always a space for the equipment at the office or wherever you work out of. Having a storage unit will allow you to keep the equipment until you are ready use it, instead of having to get rid of it and purchase more in the future.

Vehicle Storage

Lastly, some storage units also permit the storage of vehicles. A vehicle might need to be stored if it is only useful during off-road situations, or if you aren’t driving it and don’t want to lay eyes on it sitting in your driveway every day. Many people use personal storage units if they are working to restore an old vintage car, if they don’t have room for it along with other cars in the driveway or the garage.

A personal storage unit can also be useful for vehicles like ATV’s or other recreational vehicles—even jet skis or motorbikes. Not everyone has room for these types of vehicles in their garage, and you definitely don’t want your belongings out in the open where they could easily get stolen. Using a personal storage unit will ensure that your stuff escapes damaging weather as well as the clutches of thieves.

There’s no doubt that almost anyone has a practical need for a storage unit at some point in their lives. Stop letting your stuff crowd your home and stow it away off of your property and out of mind. Consider the convenience that a personal storage unit can offer to you and your family. Even if it is only temporary, using a storage unit to hold your belongings will give you more space in your home and garage, and will keep you from worrying about the safety of your possessions as well.

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