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Home Financing

Invest in Your Home: 4 Ways to Fund Your Major Home Renovations

When you purchase a home, you commit yourself to creating a habitat that is solely your own. Everything you do, plan, and invest involving your home should contribute towards the overall value of it.

Home Financing

Documents to Gather For Refinancing Your Home

It is time to refinance your home, what will allow you to lock in a lower rate or opt for a variable interest rate loan that could save you money. Or, you may be looking at the equity in your home and have decided to tap it to make repairs, finish a room, or pay down your debt.

Home Financing

How to Refinance Your Home

Homeowners enticed by historically low interest rates are considering refinancing their homes. This may be an option for you as well, especially if you took out a mortgage several years ago and are paying an interest rate that is at least one point higher than your current rate.

Home Financing

Refinancing Considerations for Homeowners

With mortgage rates still flirting with historic lows, refinancing now can help you avoid higher rates later on when inflation inevitably becomes a factor. Interest rates have been held artificially low thanks to fed action, but few analysts believe that they’ll stay this low for years, perhaps for just months to come.

Home Financing

Low Appraisals and Your Home’s Refi

Refinancing a home can yield tremendous savings for some homeowners, but getting it refinanced means having it appraised properly.


Home Mortgage Rates Near 60 Year Low

Tweet Buying a home now could save you thousands. The interest rate on 30-year home mortgages continues to drop, falling to an average of 4.32 percent according to Bankrate.com. [1]

Home Financing

No Closing Cost Refi? Yes, They’re Still Around

If you’re considering taking on a home improvement project, one way you can fund the work is to refinance your current mortgage.

Home Financing

The Truth About Staying in Your Home Mortgage Free

Tweet You say that there isn’t anything in life that is free? Well, for millions of American homeowners, living in a home may be about the closest thing to a

Home Financing

Should I Refinance Now or Wait?

Tweet Homeowners who haven’t refinanced over the past several years may believe they missed out on a good thing. Certainly, if you refinanced before the market crash of 2008, there