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A Wrap of Elegance – Wrap Around Porch Design Benefits

Tweet Most people have their dream houses well engraved in their minds. While some are already living in theirs, others are in the process of acquiring one. Often times an


Quick Checklist:     Why It’s Important To Splurge On Quality Appliances When Updating Your Home

Tweet Although many homeowners may want to avoid spending more money on appliances, there are a few reasons to splurge and invest in quality products. Reduce Energy Usage Many new

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Quick Checklist:      Top Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Tweet Less Is More If you are on a budget, or you just want to refresh your old kitchen without drastically changing anything, you can achieve this quite easily. A

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Quick Checklist:     Simple Steps for Adding a Bit More Curb Appeal to Your Home

Tweet Here are some simple steps for adding a bit more curb appeal to your home and not spending a lot. Mailbox Facelift An old and beat up mailbox is


Ever Tried Decorating Your Porch? Go all the Way

All of us decorate our homes well. We put in a lot of furniture, paintings, furnishings and so on. But our porch is one area that we tend to ignore. It is a sheer waste of useful space that can be put to amazing use.


Front Porch Design Styles: Creating Your Special Haven

Your choice of porch design will largely depend on the style of your home and where you live.


Potty About Patios: Style Inspiration From Around The World

Tweet While sprawling gardens may be the preferred choice for those with a lot of land to play with, patios are most definitely a fantastic way to utilise smaller amounts


Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

Tweet Give your home a look that reflects the season including incorporating updates along the way to transform it from a Halloween to a Thanksgiving theme. Pumpkins, Scarecrows and Gourds


Porch Renovation Ideas in Time for Summer

Tweet Do you enjoy your porch? Would you like to get more out of it? You can and the cost can range from investing a few hundred dollars to much


Perking Up Your Porch

Tweet Begin by reacquainting yourself with the pieces of furniture and other accessories you already have – perhaps a swing, chairs, small fountain, etc. Decide which pieces are in great