Potty About Patios: Style Inspiration From Around The World

Potty About Patios: Style Inspiration From Around The World
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    Most homeowners try to make the most of any outside space they have attached to their houses.


While sprawling gardens may be the preferred choice for those with a lot of land to play with, patios are most definitely a fantastic way to utilise smaller amounts of space by turning it into something both practical and beautiful.

Patios can be found all across the world, though their designs will vary from culture to culture. With such stylistic variety amongst patios from different regions, those interested in designing an interesting and exotic patio have plenty of sources from which to take inspiration.

Here we take a look at just a few different ideas from around the world and the ways things like patio canopies and roofs could be implemented at home.

Tuscany – Natural Stone & Al Fresco Dining

Tuscan patios are easily identified by the preferred use of natural stone and rustic terracotta pots and troughs. In their natural setting, this choice of material compliments the warm sun and earthy tones of the Tuscan hills and rolling landscapes.

A similar feel can be achieved, even if we can’t be so reliant on the sun. Tuscan designs are also famous for the simplicity of the furniture used. Tables and chairs will usually be constructed from wood or wrought iron and fulfil the practical function of providing an outdoor space in which you can enjoy all meals.

Morocco – Drapes & Reclining Sofas

If you’re looking to take inspiration from the cultural melting pot of Morocco, you’ll probably want to experiment with different ways to introduce a little luxury to your patio.

Reclining sofas and futons will allow you to lie back and enjoy the wonderful outdoors while white or light drapes will replicate the materials used to provide a little shade from the fierce Moroccan sun. Such patio designs are all about providing a cool and airy space in which homeowners can escape and lose themselves for a little while.

Japan – Paving Techniques & Manicured Plants

Though it may not actually originate from the famous Asian islands, Japanese paving has become increasingly popular over the last few years. A wonderfully different way to introduce a little variety into your design, Japanese paving relies on creating a contrast between larger and smaller sized rectangular slabs to produce a beautiful effect.

You may also want to explore the possibility of introducing well-manicured plants and bushes into the space if you feel you’ll be able to look after them properly.

USA – Stoop & Bungalow Porch

While inhabitants of the UK have often felt the need to hide their outdoor spaces from the eyes of neighbours and passers-by, our American friends have never really shown the same concern. Instead, American outdoor spaces often make use of the front of the home, providing a wonderful space from which to watch the world go by.

Consequently, stoops, or the steps at a front of a house, play a large part in both American design and culture. Similarly, the porch becomes the important outdoor space of choice for relaxing.

If you’re looking for inspiration from the American style, think about utilising interesting seating. Whether it’s a soothing bench swing or fantastic rocking chair, this seating should provide the comfort necessary for settling in for an afternoon of unparalleled relaxation and people watching.

France – Heavy Set Tables & Communal Eating

The French often seem to emphasise outdoor spaces as a place to enjoy the pleasure of eating and drinking. This is particularly true in the countryside of the northern regions and those areas renowned for their beautiful farms.

Consequently, those looking to French patios for inspiration will also want to think about how they can utilise the space for communal eating and drinking.

One such way is through the inclusion of a large, heavy-set table as a centrepiece, allowing friends and family to gather around to enjoy beautiful food whenever the weather allows.

China – Lanterns & Intricate Design

Lanterns are incredibly important to Chinese culture and constitute an important source of lighting in nearly all settings. While you don’t necessarily have to directly lift the traditional lantern design, though they are often incredibly beautiful, using lanterns as a source of lighting can be a great stylistic approach.

Try hanging them from a trellis, if you have one to make use of, creating an invisible network of wires from which to dangle them.

Some Chinese gardening traditions also emphasise the replication of the larger environment, incorporating water features to represent rivers, stones for mountains and plants for forests and vegetation.

This intricate design can also prove a source of inspiration for the more creatively minded or those that enjoy a themed outdoor space.

If considering adding a patio to your property, it is important you understand the rules and regulations which surround such work. You can find out more by contacting your local zoning or regulation body.

By Francesca Holmes
Francesca Holmes is a writer and often writes on home designing and decoration tips. When not on a mission to bring high-end architecture to the masses, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors.



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