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Home Interior Design

Interior Design Through the Ages

What would your bedroom have looked like 100 years ago? Mattress Online has explored eras of interior trends to show the history of home décor and the influences behind it.

Home Interior

4 Sneaky Little Ways to Modernize Your Home

Updating your home doesn’t always have to involve major renovations that cost you a lot of time and money.

Home Interior Design

The Hottest Home Interior Trends in 2019

As with every previous year, this year has brought forth some changes and twists to the interior design as well.

Home Interior

5 Incredible Tips On Hiring The Best Interior Designer

There are very many steps to go through before a house is completed and ready to be inhabited. If at all the house is yours, it’s only advisable that you get to pick how you want it built, and how you want it to look like.

Just Bath

Inspirational Bathroom Design Ideas for 2017 That You’ll Love

Tweet In general, people think that redesigning their bathroom involves a bit more effort and creative limitations. However, bathroom is one of the most important rooms in one’s home. It

Exterior Decor

Not a DIYer? 4 Professionals Who Can Transform Your Home

Tweet If there are aspects of your home that could use improving, there are experienced professionals who can give your home the transformation you need. Here are four pros to

Home Decor

2017 Forecast: What’s Trending in Interior Design

Tweet This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you all to some of the most remarkable interior design trends for 2017. Will next year retain the

Home Interior Design

Home Decor for your New Home

Decorating your new home does not have to be an overwhelming process. You can gradually create the home interior of your dreams with a few simple steps.

Home Decor

7 Home Decor Christmas Gift Ideas

Tweet Leave the Christmas decorating to her, but you can also come up with some beautiful craft and home decor gift ideas that will be valued by her and put

Home Decor

4 Reasons Why to Hire a Home Decorator

Tweet Instead, a home decorator can direct your project, guiding you to make the changes that you seek. You will pay a fee for this professional’s services, but likely will

Home Decor

Refreshing Home Decorative Tips That Show No Sign Of Fading

Sometimes we all could use a little change in our lives. Staring at the same walls, the same paintings and the same colors day in and day out can prove to be quite dull.

Home Decor

5 Steps to Finishing a Room That Should Definitely be DIY Projects

There are people who are talented enough to build nearly their entire house on their own, while some do not even like to entertain the thought of the simplest steps. Chances are that if you are building or finishing a room, you are like the average person and are somewhere in the middle of the road.

Home Interior Design

How to Shop for White Sale Curtains

Replace your window treatments and your room can quickly undergo a stunning transformation.

Walls and Painting

Interior Paint Colors: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Short of a full-blown and expensive home renovation, what is the best way to refresh the interior of your home without going broke? Apply a new coat of paint, of course.