Advice for Achieving Balance in a Room

Advice for Achieving Balance in a Room
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    Decorating a room in your home is not just about choosing beautiful furniture and other adornments—you also need to know how to bring the individual elements together cohesively.


One of the major components of design that determines how pleasing to the eye a space feels is balance. A properly balanced room will communicate a sense of order and belonging that allows people to be at ease.

Below, you’ll find some helpful advice for achieving balance in a room.

Create Linear Symmetry

An upfront way to utilize balance to your advantage is to create linear symmetry in a space. To do this, divide the room into two equal halves in your mind.

Those two sections should appear as mirror images of each other. So, if you were to place a shelf or cabinet on one side, you would also place an identical furnishing in the corresponding position on the other side.

You can also set certain items directly in the center of your imaginary line if their resulting two halves are the same.

This method can extend to pieces both large and small, but it is more important that your major items match exactly.

Distribute Weight Evenly

A piece of advice for achieving balance in a room without lining everything up precisely is to distribute weight evenly. What this means is that you should not place a great majority of items on just one side of a room while leaving the other relatively bare.

If you have a large dresser, for instance, you could place it along a different wall with respect to your bed so that they are evenly spread across the bedroom. You could also balance out weight by thinking of quantities.

A single-person chair isn’t as hefty as a sofa, but two or three chairs across from the sofa could allow you to reach an equilibrium with it.

Arrange Around a Central Point

This idea is easy to apply to living room and dining room spaces because there is usually a table that sits in the middle of multiple chairs. Basically, you want to establish a central point in the room and arrange all your furniture and decorations around it.

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As stated, something like a table or a rug makes for a good marker of your focal point. Accompanying seats, shelves, containers, and whatever else you have there should point inward towards it. Such a setup will feel balanced because it inherently causes you to disperse your items regularly around the room.

Scale Pieces Appropriately

Scale also influences balance. You should make sure that the main player of your décor is appropriately sized to fit well in the space they sit in.

Too large and the room can feel cramped and cluttered. Too small and it will seem hollow and cold. Knowing how to avoid mistakes regarding rug placement and furniture positioning will give you a better sense of scaling naturally.

other valuable tips:

Overall, you should try to populate a room so that it looks interesting without impeding on the ease with which you can walk through it. In addition, you want corresponding pieces such as chairs, tables, beds, and nightstands to work together fluidly. A high nightstand next to a low bed would be awkward in appearance and function.

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