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Heating and Cooling

HVAC Monday: Winter is Still Roaring – So Maybe You Need A Furnace Repair

Even though most new furnaces are reliable enough to last for several years, they will still require some occasional maintenance and repair.

Heating and Cooling

The Importance of Having Your Heater Professionally Maintained

As a homeowner, finding ways to save money on maintaining your home is probably important to you. From calculating energy costs as a way to lower your utility bills to tackling home repair projects on your own, you might always be looking for ways to stretch your budget.

Appliances Decor

Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Appliances When You Are Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling allows you to have a new home without the expense and stress of moving, getting another mortgage or selling your old home. Many projects involve adding or moving walls to create larger or smaller spaces.

Heating and Cooling

5 Signs Your Furnace Is on the Fritz

You might not think about your furnace during the warm summer months, but don’t forget about your heating system completely. If you know your furnace needs some routine maintenance or repairs, don’t wait until the cold hits again to get it checked out.

Heating and Cooling

Should You Replace or Repair Your Furnace?

Many factors go into the decision to replace or repair a furnace. Some furnaces have arrived at the point where furnace repair Calgary, or any city for that matter, doesn’t work any more, and they must be replaced.

Seasonal Maintenance

Reminder: Midwinter Home Maintenance Checkup

Tweet But winter does not mean a complete rest from your home maintenance work as several problems could be looming just out of sight. Let’s take a look at a

Plumbing and Wiring

6 Home Preparation Tips for Winter Vacation

Tweet Leaving your home during winter vacation has its own preparation requirements, what you must follow to ensure that your return does not come with one or more surprises. 1.

Heating and Cooling

Get a Handle on Your Home Heating Costs

Tweet Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your heating costs immediately. There are also various low- and high-cost solutions, what you may want to explore as your

Heating and Cooling

Furnace Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

Tweet The thermostat is working, therefore the problem is most likely with the gas furnace itself. Welcome to the perils and travails of home ownership! Your gas furnace is essential

Home Structure

5 DIY Furnace Fixes

Tweet 1. Make Sure That the Thermostat is On Thermostats, especially those with many functions and buttons, can easily malfunction, causing your furnace to not turn on. Make sure that

Home Structure

How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Tweet For many Americans that means they will see record heating bills and may have to cut back elsewhere to balance their budgets. There are a number of ways you

Energy Savings

6 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Tweet How to save money on heat. The months of December through March can have a big impact on your budget. And it isn’t just celebrating Christmas that can pressure