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Plumbing and Wiring

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 31: Modern Plumbing Upgrades to Make in Your Historic Home

Most historic house’s plumbing systems aren’t up to code. Besides abiding with the local codes, updating the plumbing system has several other benefits.

Home Interior Design

How To Design With a Coastal Theme

You might think of coastal décor as seashells and boats everywhere, but it’s a beachy style that doesn’t have to be so literal.

General News

4 Tips To Make Your Shared Commercial Kitchen More User Friendly

Shared commercial kitchens can be either a dream or a nightmare for businesses to rent; either they have just the right layout for certain applications, or they’re a huge headache for specialty operations.


7 Spots in Your Home that Need Regular Cleaning

These 7 spots in your house can create conditions for bacteria and mold growth if you don’t clean them regularly. Here is what you need to do to keep your living space clean, germ-free, and healthy for living.

Home Safety

Potential Dangers Inside Your Home That You Don’t Notice Until It’s Too Late

Your home is supposed to be one place you feel safe and secure. However, there can be dangers inside your home that you don’t even realize could be hazardous until it’s far too late.


4 Benefits Of Installing Water Filters

Water is an essential factor in our survival and overall health. It ensures proper hydration to the body and has various uses, such as in cooking and bathing.

Home Improvements

How to Improve Your Home in Just A Few Days

Your home is where your heart- and life- is. A home makeover means you get a rest from its old look and give it a new, more exciting look that is most appealing and classic to you and your folks.

Living/Family Room

7 Items to Revamp Your Living Room

As the central gathering spot of any home, the living room should be comfortable, stylish, and functional. If you feel as if your living room is lacking, there are a handful of easy additions that you can add to liven up this space.

Home Buying-Selling

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 24: 5 Tips That Make Selling Your House Easier

Whether the market is hot or cool, selling your house is a stressful limbo. To avoid struggling with the uncertainty, do your best to sell your home quickly. Before you list your home, make sure you clear out as much as possible to make the moving process easy.

Home Interior Design

Home Comfort: Tips and Tools

The other place that you will spend a lot of your time other than your workplace in your home. When you work from home, that means that you spend almost all your life in your house.

Swimming Pools

How to Properly Care for Your Pool

An in-ground pool in your backyard offers leisure, entertainment, opportunities to exercise, and increases your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, an in-ground pool adds your home value by about 8%.

Home Renovation

Simple Renovation Tips to Get Your Project Started

If you’re thinking about doing a home renovation, then there are lots of important things to keep in mind. The thought of getting started with a major project such as this can be quite overwhelming, but with these simple tips, you will have a great place to start from.

Roofing and Gutters

What Are Signs of Ice Dams?

Ice dams can be dangerous to your home; they occur when you have snow on your roof that melts.

Storage Space

How To Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Minimalists and collectors alike all want the best storage options. Sometimes we need it because we can’t seem to get rid of anything, and sometimes we’ve pared down our living situation and need to make every square inch count.


Renovation Tips: The 7 R’s of Waste Management

The 7 R’s of waste management can be considered as: Refuge, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Rot, and Replace. More and more people are rethinking what they use and how they have it disposed of. For instance, did we need to buy a new one?


Items To Donate After a Home Renovation

A home renovation is certainly no easy task. With all the planning and detail work that goes into it, you could be forgiven for wanting to be done with everything by the time it’s over.

Home Renovation

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 17: Home Renovations to Start Planning for After the New Year

The new year provides a great opportunity to take stock of your home and consider any future projects. Even the nicest homes require constant maintenance to keep them looking their best.


3 Different Types of Garage Floor

When it comes to thinking about what material your garage floor should be made from, it may depend on the extent to which you use your garage. Whether it is simply to keep your vehicle in, somewhere that you work, or somewhere you plan to work on vehicles.

Home Buying-Selling

Open Houses: Pros vs. Cons

Selling a home can become a hassle sometimes. It’s not easy to find a potential buyer for a home on any given day.

Home Office

How To Create a Comfortable Home Office

Those of you who are familiar with working from home know the importance of a good home office space. A comfortable space will help you to stay productive, eliminate distractions, and better enjoy working during the day.