Furnace Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

Furnace Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks
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    You wake up earlier than normal one morning and soon realize that your home is colder than it should be.

    Your overnight thermostat setting is at 62 degrees, but a quick check of your thermometer shows a room temperature of 48 degrees and falling.


The thermostat is working, therefore the problem is most likely with the gas furnace itself.

Welcome to the perils and travails of home ownership! Your gas furnace is essential for keeping your home warm as well as to protect your pipes from bursting. Time is of the essence here — you need to check a few things first, with a call to a professional the most likely result.

No Heat

It is easy to assume that a problem lies with the thermostat or the furnace itself, but there could be another area that may have triggered a furnace shut off: a power switch. Check your circuit breaker box or fuse box to confirm that this is not the case. If it is, you’ll simply move the circuit breaker back to the on position or replace the fuse with a new one.
Your furnace may have also been turned off right at the source. Furnaces come equipped with on/off switches and it is entirely possible that when you were sweeping or working around your furnace, that you turned it off. Check the furnace to verify that it is turned on.

No Light, No Gas

Perhaps the pilot light to the furnace has flickered out. If that is the case you can relight it to turn the furnace back on.

If a repairman recently worked on your furnace, he may have forgotten to turn the gas valve back on. Turn the switch on and your furnace should start up.

Call For Help

There can be other areas where a furnace can easily malfunction. Your furnace is made up of several key parts, any of which that can wear out. The pilot light itself, the thermocouple juncture or a sensor may have worn out.

Some homeowners discover a problem when they detect that the furnace turns on and off in quick succession, or the blower fan won’t disengage. Replace a dirty air filter, lubricate the fan and motor, and adjust as needed. Better yet, call in a professional to ensure that belts are not loose and to get your furnace operating again.

Toasty Warm

The sooner you address your furnace problems, the quicker you’ll return to a toasty warm home. To handle future problems, you may want to sign a repair contract with your energy supplier. You’ll want a service that is available around the clock, offering a quick solution to a very cold problem.

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