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5 Minor Home Improvement Projects to Make Before Spring

Cold weather often deters homeowners from doing improvement projects, but there is much that can be accomplished before spring arrives.


Three Flooring Solutions for the Distressed Pet Owner

Let’s face it, owning pets is messy. The love I have for my two dogs doesn’t completely overshadow their smell, the belongings they destroy, the hair they leave behind, the things they roll around in, or the inanimate objects they eat.


Awesome 2014 Floor Plans for Your Suburban Home

There are few home improvement projects that can make as much of a difference to your home as floor coverings can. The floor plan choices seem endless while answering to your sense of aesthetics or providing the right feel for the room.


Under Foot: How to Keep Your Stone Floor Looking Great

Carpets and hardwood have been the standard for some time when people are choosing the flooring for their homes. While these traditional looks have their merits, some homeowners are moving away from the norm and choosing natural stone flooring for their houses.


Flooring Installation: Choose the Professionals

Tweet Sure, it might be a fun venture to try and handle your own flooring installation, but letting the professionals handle it can actually help save you money in the


What Goes Underfoot: Choosing the Right Floors for Your New Home

Tweet This article will cover a broad spectrum of options, providing the basic details for each, so you can make the most informed choice possible.  Vinyl Flooring While this is


Hot Hardwood: Ten Fantastic Flooring Trends

Tweet The following ten trends will help you choose a great style that will enhance the look of any room. Historic Appeal Hardwood can certainly complement a modern abode, but

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Flood Damage and Home Repairs

Following a devastating flood, homeowners may wonder if rebuilding is worthwhile especially if they live in a flood zone. Only with FEMA-backed flood insurance can total loss be avoided.


Basement Finishing Tips and Tricks

A home’s basement is a rec room just ready to be used. Or maybe a library. Perhaps even a family room. Getting this room ready for regular use takes some work even if it already has drywall in place, electrical connections available and sufficient natural and electrical lighting present.

Home Renovation

Floor Covering and Your Home Renovation Plans

With any home improvement project, you’ve taken care to ensure that every detail of your home is covered. From the windows and the doors to the electrical lines and the plumbing.You know what type of wall coverings you want, where fixtures will be placed and have picked out an area for a built-in library/media center.


The Many Types of Flooring

With the summer finally here, you may be thinking about performing a home improvement project. Like most, you may be thinking about changing the floors in your home, but what you’re finding out is there are a lot of flooring options to choose from.

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You Can Win the Battle Against Mildew

Tweet Mildew is a form of mold, a plant that is part of the fungi family. When mildew begins to build up within the home, significant damage can take place.


Shaw “Dream It Do It” Fall Flooring Sale Inspired by Home Renovators

Tweet When Virginia Smith, of Knoxville, Tenn., finally had the time and money to replace her old, tired carpet, she knew exactly what she’d choose to replace it. With nearly


Factors to Consider with Quick-Step Flooring

When investing in home improvement, there are numerous details to take care of, and it’s often hard to figure out the best areas in which to save, and where to splurge. A good place to start is with the floor, as this will often influence the entire feel of the room and its décor.