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Home Security

5 Reasons You May Want to Rethink DIY Home Security

Installing your own home security system may save you some money right now, but when you add up the long-term costs, you may want to rethink the DIY home security system altogether.

Outdoor Structures

The Different Benefits of Using Green Houses

One of the key benefits of green houses is that they make it possible for people to farm even in areas that are not favorable for certain crops. This enables farmers to grow a wider variety of crops and develop farming methods that increase food supply.

Home Furniture

Four Simple Steps to Revamping Your Living Room on a Budget

In the 21st century, fashion and style are changing rapidly – one month safari chic is all the rage: the next, runways are full of classic monochrome and simple silhouettes.

Garden Plants

How to Identify Tree Problems

Trees form an essential part of a good number of landscapes. Trees not only function as fences and windbreakers, but also provide shade, privacy and artistic value to many homes or cottages.


Simple Ways You Can Keep Pollutants And Dirt Out Of Your Home

Everyone wants to keep their home clean and free of dirt and pollutants as much possible. Along with noticeable dirt particles, every homeowner should be aware of microscopic allergens and pollutants that can infiltrate their domains.

Tools and Materials

A Guide To Cordless Tool Attachments

If you have a passion for power tool perfection, you probably already know which cordless attachments will do best for your everyday drill needs.

Roofing and Gutters

5 Reasons to Install a Metal Roof on Your Home Before Summer

Asphalt and shingle roofs must be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Shingles often need extensive repairs done because the material used is not as durable as other types of roofs.

Just Bath

Bathroom Redo: How To Make A Remodel Project Move Faster

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, quick and easy most is probably not the first thing to come to mind, but there are some easy to follow tips to help your bathroom redo move a bit faster.

Home Maintenance

Waterproofing to Avoid Home Repairs

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest steps in a person’s life. It provides a secure stable environment, which is the perfect setting for raising a family.

Roofing and Gutters

Leaky Roof? Best Ways to Address the Mess

A leaky roof is a serious problem not only because of the mess it can cause, but also because of the potential structural damage it poses. Here are some of the best ways you can deal with a leak in your roof.


Tips for Packing and Moving House

Maybe you’ve just found the perfect home for your family or perhaps you’ve finally finished your dream renovation job and you’re ready to move in! The end result is so exciting, but the process of getting there can be a total nightmare.

Plumbing and Wiring

Tricks for Maximizing Your Home’s Water Heater

It’s hard to imagine life without water heaters. After all, no one likes a freezing cold shower. However, no one loves the cost of replacing an old water heater either.

Home Structure

5 Minor Home Improvement Projects to Make Before Spring

Cold weather often deters homeowners from doing improvement projects, but there is much that can be accomplished before spring arrives.

Just Bedroom

The Secrets to Painless Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is the most used room in the house. It needs to conduct its purpose – but it also needs to feel relaxing and create a sense of calm – while also effectively storing all of life’s bathroom necessities for various household members.

Kitchen and Dining

Renovating Your Kitchen Without Destroying it First

Renovations can be a huge deal. They can take months, destroy your house, and make you wish you had never done them in the first place.

Just Bedroom

Creative Ideas for Children’s Bedroom Decorations

Children’s bedroom is one of the most challenging rooms of the entire home. It needs to be functional, and at the same time inspiring and creative.

Garden Plants

Staking a Newly Planted Tree – Methods and Specifications

The first question every tree owner has in his mind after planting the tree is that is it really necessary to stake trees? While some are of the opinion that staking or guying is pretty much unnecessary and could even be more harmful than beneficial to the tree … this is not the case in many areas.

Home Renovation

Best 2015 Renovations for Your Home

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, this year is going to be a great year to do it!


Landscaping Tips for Small Gardens

If you have a small garden or backyard, it can be hard to make the space feel welcoming and open. We’ve put together a list that will make it easier for you to get the most out of your space, giving you an outdoor area that you will love to spend time in.


Making Your Garage “Space” Effective

We torture, overstuff, and under appreciate our garages on a daily basis. And while we use them frequently, very few people are actually happy with the state of their garage.