Three Flooring Solutions for the Distressed Pet Owner

Three Flooring Solutions for the Distressed Pet Owner
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    Let's face it, owning pets is messy.

    The love I have for my two dogs doesn't completely overshadow their smell, the belongings they destroy, the hair they leave behind, the things they roll around in, or the inanimate objects they eat.


There are entire blogs and websites dedicated to “shaming pets” for their abhorrent behavior, and I connect with those owners on an almost metaphysical level.

A few years after purchasing and settling into our home, my wife and I had officially run out of ways to rearrange our living room that would effectively cover up the pet stains on the floor. Our pets had, in less than two years, effectively destroyed our floor, not to mention completely ruining the living room’s feng shui. So naturally, the first thing on our home’s remodel bucket list was the floor. We began researching solutions that were both pet friendly, wallet friendly, and maintained the vibe of our rustic abode. Here are a few solutions we found to our pet woes.


(I have literally never related to a photo more in my life)

Stain-Resistant Carpeting

As pet owners, we’re all aware of the inherent risks present when purchasing carpet. Pets are messy, smelly, and for whatever reason have no regard for the financial strain they might put us through by scooting their rear-ends on the carpet. Stains, snags, and hair are unavoidable when you have furry friends, and while some pet owners are willing to teach their pets how to use the toilet (WHY?), we found an easier solution: stain-resistant carpeting.

Stain-resistant carpeting, though typically more expensive than generic carpet, pays off in the long run simply because it stands the test of time. The stain-resistant technology is made to withstand the elements, so to speak, and helps prevent accidents, saliva, other unseemly liquids, dirt, and any other stains from penetrating the carpet fibers. This ensures that your carpet looks great for years. Some retailers also offer Pet-Friendly Carpet pads which will aide in preventing “the elements” from penetrating the padding and subfloors in your home.


Hardwood and Laminate

My wife loves hardwood floors. If it were 1995 I would make a joke along the lines of “if you love hardwood floor so much why don’t you marry it?” (thankfully, I have matured slightly in the past 20 years). Hardwood and laminate floors are great for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, when your pets are running around and terrorizing your house, they don’t have traction to stop sliding, and it’s hilarious. Secondly, most hardwood and laminate floors have a protective layer that prevents scratches and staining. Note: If they don’t have a protective layer, abort the mission and set your sites elsewhere, as your floors will take a beating immediately. Third, hardwood and laminate looks great in any home, if you disagree with me, you’re dead wrong.



I can hear a collective sigh coming from the audience on this one, because of course it’s a good solution for pets. People put it in their bathrooms (the most disgusting room in the house) for crying out loud. If tile isn’t effective for pets, nothing is, as it allows for easy cleanups. However, it’s also the most effective solution for creating a YMCA washroom aesthetic in your home, and there’s nothing rustic about that.

All in all, stain-resistant carpeting ended up being the right solution for our family, as we plan on adding children of the human variety to the clan here soon (no more dog children, please). We are happy to report that our anxiety about rearranging our furniture to cover stains has subsided, and messes, though still frequent, are less permanent.



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