Factors to Consider with Quick-Step Flooring

Factors to Consider with Quick-Step Flooring
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    When investing in home improvement, there are numerous details to take care of, and it’s often hard to figure out the best areas in which to save, and where to splurge.

    A good place to start is with the floor, as this will often influence the entire feel of the room and its décor.


A popular choice for many is a wood look floor. Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic, and can offer a range of desired looks. However, hardwood may be beyond the budget of many consumers. A great new product that is making waves in the flooring industry is laminate flooring. There are numerous factors that must be taken into account when choosing flooring.

The concept of laminate flooring was introduced by Pergo, a Swedish company, in 1977.  Since its fairly recent introduction, laminate flooring has become a popular option in the flooring market.  Laminate is constructed by transferring a photo of the image to be depicted onto flooring tiles. The process has been perfected to a point that it may even be confused with the real thing! Although Pergo is the original, its flooring is not the number one product on the market anymore.  Pergo is losing its edge, and its name is being used by cheaper brands, such as Home Depot.  It is being surpassed by far superior products, such as Quick-Step laminate flooring, who constantly work to upgrade and develop their flooring products. 

Quick-Step has worked to focus on all aspects of quality laminate flooring, from durability, to style, to ease of installation, and even green technology.  As Pergo originated in Europe, most high-quality laminate flooring is manufactured in Europe, and Quick-Step is no exception.  Quick-Step is a Belgian company which is constantly seeking new ways to improve its product.  Quick-Step flooring is static free so it will not cause static shock when walking on it.  The laminate is also hypo-allergenic due to its ease of cleaning and tight fitting planks, which don’t allow dust mites to get trapped in crevices.  In consumer ratings for wear and scratch resistance and overall durability, Quick-Step received five-star ratings.  Quick-Step floors also come with a lifetime warranty.

Laminate flooring is known to even trump hardwood in areas of durability and long-term care. While hardwood needs scraping, resanding and refinishing every few years to repair scratches, nicks and dents, laminate floors, such as Quick-Step, require no long term investment. The tiles are made of four layers that are tightly compressed. The top layer of Quick-Step laminate is has a StainGuard stamp of approval, with an aluminum oxide coating that resists scratching and stains. Cleaning merely requires gentle cleansers, but the flooring is extremely durable, and needs no restaining or heavy duty cleaning. It is recommended, however, to use caution with laminate flooring to ensure that it will retain the fresh new look it had when first laid.

All laminate flooring is a great option for do-it-yourselfers, and Quick-Step is no exception.  The planks are designed for very simple installation.  It is a floating floor which requires no messy glue or nails to adhere the tiles to the subfloor, and its pieces fit together like puzzle pieces with a simple tongue and groove shape, enabling the tiles to snap together.  Quick-Step actually patented the Uniclic locking system.

Quick-Step is constantly coming up with new innovations in style to increase the laminate’s likeness to authentic hardwood.  Quick-Step Perspective is a top line of flooring with five star ratings for durability and a unique beveled edge which gives its floor an added dimension.  Floors are available in an expansive array of colors and finishes, from classic to extremely exotic woods.  Some styles are also available with textured surfaces to increase their likeness to hardwood.

Quick-Step is also a truly eco-friendly company, ensuring that their product doesn’t harm the environment.  They use southern pine to manufacture their product, due to its fast-growing nature and quick renewability.  74% of the laminate boards are produced using post-industrial wood waste.  Materials rejected by the quality testing team are burned to supply the heat for the laminate process.  The company’s high quality standards exceed the European Product Performance Standards and International Organization for Standardization standards.

Professionals will still say that hardwood flooring has a unique charm and elegance all its own, but Quick-Step laminate flooring comes very close, and in some areas is even more practical. It is important for customers to research all areas of flooring before making the important decision, but home improvement and flooring experts will agree that Quick-Step laminate flooring is an excellent choice

Tom Foley is a home improvement and flooring expert for Affordafloors. He recommends Quick-Step laminate flooring as a great substitute to hardwood flooring.



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