Hot Hardwood: Ten Fantastic Flooring Trends

Hot Hardwood: Ten Fantastic Flooring Trends
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    Hardwood floors are known for their superior durability, but they’re also associated with undiminished elegance and beauty.

    With their timeless appeal, hardwood floors seem to complement any décor scheme.


The following ten trends will help you choose a great style that will enhance the look of any room.

Historic Appeal

Hardwood can certainly complement a modern abode, but they are also grounded in history.  Hardwood floors whether rustic or highly glossed can achieve help you achieve an old-world look that never goes out of style.

Exotic Style

Many homeowners love the idea of covering their floors with rich, exotic wood from far-flung places.  With so many interesting and bold woods available, it may be tough to narrow down a choice!  Consider Brazilian, cherry, or even teak for your new floor install.

Tough as Nails Floors

Every hardwood floor is finished in some manner to help protect it, but if you live in a home with kids, hockey sticks, dogs, cats, and lots of people going in and out on a regular basis, consider an ultra-hard finish to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floor.

Wide Plank Floors

Floors that have wide planks boast a dramatic appeal that exudes with luxury and class.  During the twentieth century, thinner planks became the trend because they were less expensive, but today’s manufacturers are finding ways to offer the wide planks while keeping costs affordable.

Go Green

Many homeowners can achieve the look of rare hardwood floors by, instead, installing bamboo or cork to mimic the look of hard wood.  These materials are not only durable and beautiful when added to your home—they’re perfectly sustainable choices so you can be proud of your home’s eco-friendly atmosphere. 

Color Wonderful

Many homeowners love to decorate with color.  Hardwood floors can be installed in hues of reds, whites, grays, and more!  There’s no need to go with a brown wood if you prefer something with more pizazz to complement the rest of your décor.

Hardwood Everywhere

In the past, some homeowners simply installed hardwood flooring in their formal living rooms or family rooms.  Today, however, continuous hard wood flooring throughout the home is a popular way to go.  Not only will it add beauty to your whole house, it can add value to it as well!

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners opt for engineered floors to achieve the look of hardwood.  These floors are known to stand up to pet traffic and even high heels.  Manufactured for performance, some new types can even be refinished.  If you need advice from an expert, talk to someone at for more information about these floors.

It’s all about Grain

It isn’t always about hue when you consider a hardwood and style for any room of your home.  Sometimes a certain pattern calls out to you.  A plain decorative scheme, for instance, can be complements by a richly patterned wood grain to add just the right amount of zip to the space!

Change the Pattern

Most people opt for their wood planks to be installed vertically.  However, why not consider installing planks in an interesting chevron pattern or some other design that will add great wow factor to your room. 

Each of these trends is well worth considering when you choose your next floor.  Consider them as you shop for the hardwood flooring type of your makeover dreams!

Written by Paul Singleton



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