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Doors and Windows

What Your Windows and Doors are Telling You: Repair or Replace?

If your windows or doors are showing signs of wear and tear, you’re probably wondering if you should have them repaired or replaced.

Doors and Windows

4 Reasons to Replace Your Doors When Renovating Your Home

When you are renovating your home, there are great reasons for replacing the doors. If you are buying an older home, then the doors were likely made from materials that have degraded.

Energy Savings

8 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Insulate Your Doors and Windows

Tweet Considering that a significant amount of heat is lost through doors and windows, proper insulation is very important to make your indoor living space cozy. Increasing Durability and Efficiency

Doors and Windows

The Different Types of Doors to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

Replacing an old door with a new one is one of the home improvement projects you can do to increase the value of your home.

Doors and Windows

The Makings of Poor Door Installation: 4 Signs to Look For

Doors serve more than just security and privacy – they’re also designed to help improve your home’s insulation and complete the look of your home. However, there are times when your door encounters problems.

Doors and Windows

Thinking Of Installing New Patio Doors? Here’s What You Need To Know

Patio doors are one of the most popular features you can add to your home, and they transform a space in ways you wouldn’t think of. Bringing a great deal of aesthetic value to almost any type of building, they add class, charm, and not to mention versatility.

Doors and Windows

The Perfect Pet Door

Tweet If you’re often at work, and can’t afford a dog walker, allowing your dog access to the backyard can be a big problem. But with the DIY guide, you

Home Structure

Renovation Station: 6 Cheap and Easy Fixes to Common Problems

At some point as a homeowner, you will have to commit to making some improvements to your house. However, these renovations don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Doors and Windows

5 Sizzling Hot Decor Themes That are Trending Now

Have you ever looked at magazines or images of homes online and wanted to get the sizzling decorations that you see? Doing this has become easier and easier as the means to create great home décor has increased.

Home Interior

Renovation Essentials: What You Need to Know

You’re shopping for a home, a fixer upper, looking for a bargain that you can transform from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The process is a long one, requiring much patience and knowledge about the project at hand.

News Releases

Aging in Place or Senior Housing: Considerations

Your home is your castle, but as you age it may seem more like a prison than a place to reside. For millions of Americans, the transition from their home to senior housing seems inevitable.

Home Security

How to Save Money on a Home Security System

Tweet And that safety feature is a home security system, what can protect your home from break ins and alert you to a fire or other problem. Home security systems

Heating and Cooling

Get a Handle on Your Home Heating Costs

Tweet Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your heating costs immediately. There are also various low- and high-cost solutions, what you may want to explore as your

Doors and Windows

What Exactly Makes Your House a Home?

Tweet The answer is just that: A home is made up of everything that exists inside the four walls, the floor and the ceiling. A home is individual, cosy, inspiring

Home Structure

7 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Tweet Last week, we looked at planning for your home improvement projects for the new year. What we did not look at were specific projects that might be considered, something

Doors and Windows

What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You

Tweet Door color is a choice that you’ll have when you purchase your new entry way and that makes it a direct reflection of what your personality is like.  Look

Doors and Windows

Jalousie Replacement Windows: Where to Buy Them

Louvered windows, often referred as jalousies, provide a beautiful design touch for many homes. They are used in windows as well as in doors, and are common in older homes constructed in the middle of the 20th century.

Home Structure

Timely Fall Renovation Projects

Tweet Preparing your home now will ensure that it is ready before the first cold winds of winter set in. You may also find that home contractors are available, having

Doors and Windows

Factor in The Upgrades Before you Sign a New Mortgage

Windows. They probably aren’t high on your list of priorities when you’re sitting down with a loan officer to review a new mortgage – but they should be.

Doors and Windows

Our Favorite Weird and Wacky Door Handles

When it comes to upgrading our homes, most of us might consider things such as getting new UPVC windows, upgrading old furniture or a new suite. Yet there are much more simple changes you can also make that can do wonders for your home.