The Makings of Poor Door Installation: 4 Signs to Look For

The Makings of Poor Door Installation: 4 Signs to Look For
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    Doors serve more than just security and privacy – they're also designed to help improve your home's insulation and complete the look of your home.

    However, there are times when your door encounters problems.


Typically, external factors such as harsh weather conditions are to blame, but not this time. This time, we’re talking about problems caused by poor door installation.

What leads to poor door installation?

Contrary to what many people think, installing a door requires more than just bolting it in place. Particularly, it involves taking careful measurements. Even when proper maintenance is carried out after installation, the slightest misstep during installation can cause major problems later on. Unfortunately, these problems occur way more than they’re supposed to because door installation is handled by people without proper skills and experience regarding the process.

How can you tell if your door was poorly installed?

Finding the mistakes during installation can be difficult for the average homeowner, but spotting the results is easy. Here’s a list of the things that you should be on the lookout for when determining whether or not you’re dealing with poor door installation. It includes:

  • Crooked Door Panels.
    This is the most obvious sign of bad door installation and it won’t take you much to spot it. If you noticed that your door is not fitting perfectly into its frame, then you’re looking at a crooked panel.


  • Squeaking or Creaking Sounds.
    Newly installed doors are supposed to operate smoothly and silently. If your door is making a lot of squeaking noises every time it is used, it means there’s friction in some of its parts, which is caused by hinges or frames poorly aligned.


  • Difficult Operation.
    Like I mentioned earlier: smoothly and silently. Poorly installed doors can be very difficult to open or close because part of the door panel usually hits its edges on the frame or the wall. If your new door requires more than a gentle push to open or close, it was poorly installed.


  • Floor Marks.
    Check the floor around your new door’s entryway. If you see a series of scratches or lines that match the direction of how your door swings, it means the lower edge of the door is not completely parallel with the floor and the rest of the frame, hitting the floor when it’s in use and causing the marks.


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Addressing Poor Door Installation

As with any problems arising from anything in your roof, issues regarding poor door installation must be addressed as soon as possible. Sure, you can treat the squeaking or the difficult operation as a “quirk” for your door but eventually it will worsen, not only leading to other problems but compounding existing ones as well. Not to mention that you paid for proper door installation so you should have been given that. To address poor door installation, don’t hesitate to give a local contractor (not the one who installed your door!) a call. The sooner installation problems are addressed, the sooner you can fully enjoy your door.

Author Bio:
David Reber is the General Manager of Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City. He is passionate when it comes to helping homeowners choose the right home improvement options, and frequently shares his insights and experiences in the industry through the company blog.



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