How to Save Money on a Home Security System

How to Save Money on a Home Security System
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    A lot of homes have one and if you do not then you may be missing out on an important safety feature.


And that safety feature is a home security system, what can protect your home from break ins and alert you to a fire or other problem. Home security systems are typically affordable, but there are ways that you can save on that cost.

Build Your Own

If you are handy, you could just as easily build your own system. This means purchasing a complete alarm kit and individual alarm component, with an eye toward placing sensors at every point of entry including all doors and windows.

There are wireless systems available, an ideal option for people who want to do the job themselves but don’t want to run wiring throughout the home. You need to have a keypad located where you are most likely to use it and have a private code to complete your protection. Even better is a system that allows for app activation of the unit when you are away.

Know Your Needs

You probably have seen those “specials” for home alarm systems. Some are very attractive with low monthly rates and a keypad included with a 12-month contract. That deal, however, is for an average house and your house may not be anything close to average.

You want a system that covers all doorways including exterior doors, the garage doors, and your windows. That means counting the number of windows in your home, the doors leading to the outside of your home and the garage door(s). You may also want a sensor placed on the door leading from the garage to your home.

Consider having multiple keypads in place especially if you use two or more entrance points with regularity. You do not want to have run from the back door to the front door to shut off the alarm — a localized keypad will help you avoid that problem and a potential fall as you skirt your way through your home.

About Central Monitoring

Most home security systems are controlled locally, but if you want an extra set of eyes on hand, then you can opt for central monitoring. The way central monitoring works is that security cameras are installed inside and outside of your home, enabling a security team to keep tabs on your home.

With central monitoring you will pay an extra fee on top of the standard monitoring. Moreover, you will provide access to a third-party to look into your home, something you must be comfortable with.

Shop Around

Rates for home security systems vary so it is worth shopping around. Some companies run specials while other companies can give you discounts if you lock in a long-term agreement.

You should also know that you can save money on your homeowner’s insurance by having a home security system on hand. Contact your insurer to find out how a system can lower your rates.

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