Roof Renovation Planning

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Replacing or adding new items to your roof will require planning and specs for roof replacement, solar panels, gutter installation, roof decor and more...

Home Remodeling Step Planning

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Analyzing the Numbers
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Some Topics on Energy Savings

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With the already visible consequences of global warming, our destruction of nature, pollution and all the other problems that we’ve created, being environmentally conscious has become more important than ever before.

How About Adding a Cupula

Don't Forget Weathervanes

More Roofing Topics

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Roofing Contractor 101: Questions To Ask Before Hiring One

When you want to make changes to parts of the household, chances are you’re going to do a lot of renovations. Regardless of whether or not you have a do-it-yourself experience, results are admittedly much more satisfying if a group of professionals actually make changes to the household – especially the roofing.

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Getting the Perfect Gutter System: What Homeowners Should Know

When planning your gutter replacement project, make sure to cover all your bases. Today’s blog post shares the five important things you need to know.

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Beyond the Basics: Unique Roofing Options

If you are on the hunt for the best type of roofing for your home, this is probably not the

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Roof Panel Pics

Ideas for Gutter Systems

Replacing and Designing the Roof

It is only a matter of time when you need to repair and/or replace your roof. So when that time comes, plan the best roof replacement for your home ... plus add some decor items to give that distinct look.

So let's begin with this step-by-step guide after you review the roofing ideas and topics above. This step plan will help plan and manage your home exterior plan.